52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle Reviews

The long hard journey through the DC relaunch is over, there were some winners, and there were some losers, but we discussed them all and here they are.

Click on the title of the book for the link to 52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Reviews by Tim Blacksmith and Brandon C. Williams, comment on the reviews and tell us what you think.


1. Justice League



2. Justice League International



3. Teen Titans



4. Suicide Squad



5. Action Comics



6. Superman


7. Superboy



8. Supergirl



9. Batman



10. Detective Comics



11. Batman: The Dark Knight


12. Batgirl



13. Batwoman



14. Catwoman



15. Red Hood And The Outlaws



16. Batwing



17. Nightwing



18. Batman And Robin



19. Birds Of Prey



20. Green Lantern



21. Green Lantern Corps



22. Green Lanterns: New GuardiansĀ 



23. Red Lanterns



24. Aquaman



25. Wonder Woman



26. Flash


27. Green Arrow



28. DC Universe Presents: Deadman



29. Savage Hawkman



30. Blue Beetle



31. Fury Of Firestorm



32. Mr Terrific



33. Captain Atom



34. O.M.A.C.



35. Static Shock



36. Hawk And Dove



37. Deathstroke



38. Legion of Superheroes



39. Legion Lost



40. Grifter



41. Voodoo



42. Stormwatch



43. Animal Man



44. Swamp Thing



45. Justice League Dark


46. Demon Knights



47. Frankenstein: Agent Of S.H.A.D.E.



48. Resurrection Man



49. I, Vampire



50. Blackhawks



51. The Men Of War



52. All-Star Western

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