52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Resurrection Man

My new power is emo contacts, great.


Dan Abnett (Heroes for Hire, The Thanos Imperative) and Andy Lanning (Ultimate Fallout, Heroes for Hire) reboot the obscure, yet great hero Resurrection Maninto something a little more dark and a little less hero. Fernando Dagnino (Justice League: Generation Lost) draws this book with a gloominess that really fits the new direction the writers went with this book. That being said I was a fan of the original Resurrection Man, but I love this new Resurrection Man.


This series is going to have some fun deaths.


The first thing that really caught my eye was taking RM out of the costume, He works well in a T-shirt and jeans. This RM isn’t a “SUPER” hero, hell, he’s barely a hero. The new direction to have the character compelled to do something, he doesn’t always know what it is, or how to do it, just that he must. His power set remains the same, he has a power, dies, and comes back with a new power. We see him have electricity powers followed by the ability to turn into water. So we have a hero that doesn’t know what he’s doing, or what powers he may have. What kind of villain do you have someone like this fight? He could have invulnerability or heat vision, so what force could go against such a random hero? How about Heaven and Hell, fighting for his unending life.


And that's one of heavens assassins, Hate to see hells!


I really liked This book, it had a few issues, nothing too major, just some dialogue issues and some strange art here and there. I give the book a solid KING overall.









I’m not going to lie, I may have the wrong pic, if it is her, whats with the hand?

What the hell is with that hand?

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