52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Green Lantern Corps

I love Green Lantern, so it’s really hard to make a bad Lantern book. My favorite Lantern is Guy Gardner, and he, along with the military minded Jon Stewart, are the stars of this book. So with all the things this book had going for it, I loved it right? Right, I was just screwing with you, this book was awesome!

for beings of light, this book sure starts dark


Guy Gardner and Jon Stewart could not be more different. They may be Green Lanterns, but that’s where the similarities stop, I thought. Green Lantern Corps explores these two lanterns and the things they do to lead “normal” lives. As the story progresses Guy has no luck of getting a normal job, and Jon isn’t doing much better. We begin to learn things, great revelations behind facts we never think about. Why don’t Guy and Jon wear masks? Why do they spend so much time in space? All these questions are answered.

This is one of the best panels in a GL comic ever


The story is a great place to jump on, we get to meet some new lanterns, we see some great action, we even are led to question who this new villain who cuts lanterns to pieces. Peter J. Tomasi (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) shows the love he has for the GL in this finely crafted book. Tomasi reteams with amazing artist Fernando Passarin (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and together they knock this book out of the park, a must read for all Green Lantern fans.

No G'nort, this book just got a whole lot better


I give this beautiful finely crafted book an ACE, and the new top spot for my favorite book of the relaunch.











So where do we find the hooded woman now?

Thanks for the explanation GL, now explain her

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