52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle: Demon Knights

I have always been a fan of the sword and sorcery stuff, and I was really hoping that DC would give us some background on the new history of the DC universe. Demon Knights gave you A LOT of both. Etrigan is the star of the book, but we also see Merlin, some other wizard, Vandal Savage, A witch lady, The new female shining knight, an Amazon, some dragons, and an evil baby.


So, what were MY thoughts? It was good, but it was also very busy, too busy. Between the massive amount of characters we meet, the three or four storylines, the excessive word balloons, and the very busy art it was hard to follow, I had to go back and read it again. For someone who wants a little more action and enjoyed books like Sandman this is a great book. For casual or new readers it could be a little tough.

So much going on, my head hurts!

Paul Cornell (Dr.Who) does an excellent job at creating a medieval DC universe with interesting characters, strange cultures, and solid dialogue. Diogenes Neves (New Mutants) draws an amazing Etrigan, and some bad ass support characters, honestly this may be one of my favorite books art wise. I was confused though, the DC universe had dragons and dinosaurs walking around during the medieval time? We will have to continue reading to see.

The Demon never looked better

Over all I give this book a QUEEN, it was good, but just too busy.









This book showed us something important, not only is the hooded woman sprinkled throughout the last five years, she was also around during the medieval days of the DC universe!

that dude to the right looks like me?

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