52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Captain Atom

Sweet art. Very Dr. Manhattan


The original problem with Captain Atom was that he was hard to like. Nathaniel Adam was arrogant, he had no sense of humor, and he used his powers with a little too much force. Needless to say, Captain Atom really needed a reboot. JT Krul (Fathom) and Freddie Williams II (Robin) give Cap the reboot he needed, he’s younger, brasher, and he doesn’t really understand his powers.

His redesign is pretty cool


The book has a lot in it, big fights, good humor, and an interesting mystery. Let us start with the fights, first we see Cap fighting your everyday giant robot, which he doesn’t just punch, he does something else, something he doesn’t even understand. Then later we see him fight a volcano, yeah. The humor is good as well, Cap cracks jokes that are sometimes pretty lame, but the supporting characters call him on it, which is pretty funny. Last but not least is the mystery, what exactly is happening to Captain Atom? What did Cap do to the robot earlier in the book? What the hell just happened to that rat? These are just some of the questions you will ask.

Captain Atom punches volcanoes


Over all I give this book a QUEEN, it had everything, just not enough. I will continue reading it though, I really liked what the book can become.









Who is this hooded woman, and what exactly does she want?

No one can see her, yet she casts a shadow, I'm really confused.

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