52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Legion Of Superheroes

My good friend and some times contributor Jason Hughes loves L.O.S.H., and he loved this book, so if you already know the history of the L.O.S.H. then this book is fantastic. I didn’t follow L.O.S.H. much before, I always liked the wide range of characters, and I like the idea of the future of the DC universe, but I wish I did because I was kinda confused the whole time.

puns are just as lame in the future


The art from Francis Portela (Legion of Superheroes, An amazing run on Black Panther) is beautiful, I mean absolutely beautiful, maybe some of the best art from the relaunch, it’s worth the book alone. The story by Paul Levitz (pretty much everything from DC one time or another) is fine, if you were reading L.O.S.H. before the relaunch, because it just continued the current storyline. That’s right, no relaunch for L.O.S.H., it is still in the same timeline from before. It works though, L.O.S.H. is set in a future, not necessarily the future of the current heroes we have just met, but a future.

How amazing is this art, really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.


I have a ton of questions, has this L.O.S.H. ever met Superboy? Has the history of Supergirl or any of the other time travelers been erased? These are things that will be answered, hopefully, and I will continue to read the book, I just hope it will become more clear.

Brainiac is a dick.


Even though the book isn’t very accepting of new readers, I still give this book a KING. The story was intriguing, the art was amazing, and the characters were compelling.










So the hooded lady showed up in the past during Demon Knights and the future in this book, the mystery deepens.

This hooded lady is something otherwordly.

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