52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Static Shock

Scott McDaniel(Daredevil:fall from grace, Batman) and John Rozum (Xombi) brings us Static Shock, with handsome pencils by McDaniel and Andy Owens (Buffy: Season 8). I’m going to start with letting you know that the original McDuffie run of Static and the cartoon were some of the biggest influences in my comic history.

Static explains it all, how Spiderman of you.

Taking Static out of Dakota worried me. He worked so well in that environment, and I was double worried that they would mess up his family interactions which were so true and heart felt that you cared for his family as much as he did. I was not disappointed. They put him in a new town, made him 16 again, and gave him a job at Cadmus, with another Milestone regular Hardware.

Family squabble, always welcome in my book.

Reading this book I kept getting an eerie feeling, like I’ve read this before, sure it wasn’t as dark as Static, and it wasn’t as bright as the animated Static Shock, but it rode the middle ground so good I can’t wait for the nest issue. What was it that this story was reminding me of? None other than Spiderman, it had so many of the same elements from the original Static and 80’s Spiderman that I was hooked from panel one. The highest compliment I could give this book is that the late great Dwayne McDuffie would be proud, this character has been molded into a hero capable of becoming DC’s Spiderman.

This is how you make people hate heroes, Static could care less.


Static is young and inexperienced, and McDaniel and Rozum write it perfectly. They give you some background while leaving some mystery to explore, they create attitudes and personalities for each character that will be sure to please, and finally, they end it with a huge cliff hanger that actually makes me impatient to read the next issue.


I give this book an Ace. Great writing, great art, and a pace that makes you want to keep reading.









Where is the mysterious hooded woman? Right here being a creeper.

Why are all these people looking into the same house?

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