52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Justice League International

As my first review of the new 52 I went with Justice League International, by Dan Jurgens of Booster Gold fame and art by Aaron Lopresti, known best for his work on X Men and the recent Garbage Man story in Weird Worlds. I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as good as the Giffen/DeMatteis stuff from the late 80’s, but I was hoping for better than what I got.


If only the book stayed at this level of cool, B'Wana Beast is in the relaunch, but not Lobo?


Don’t get me wrong, this book is pretty, great art, lots of heroes, but it lacks the charm that many other books have in spades. I’m going to get pretty negative in a bit, so let’s focus on some good stuff, mainly that great art. The slight redesigns of some of the characters works well and honestly the team line up isn’t bad. The book takes a political approach and creates a UN that wants a super team. All of this seems great, but there are …. issues…


This book contains some clunky and sloppy dialogue, I’m okay with August General in Iron and Rocket Red having some English issues, but the extremes they go to just to remind you that Rocket Red is Russian is ridiculous, by the way, Russians speak like Yoda cavemen.

What? I'm sorry Russians.


Frankly I was disappointed in  this book, it’s spoon fed to you like idiots are reading it. The book has one of the most predictable and over used story lines ever, “We hate super heroes” Hey Jurgens, Marvel called they want their storyline back. However, this book did lead me to invent a new hateful slur for superheroes “Cowl Heads”.


Nice. JLU inside joke.


I will give them points for some neat relationships they created. Rocket Red and August General in Iron hate each other, Guy hates Booster, Batman believes in Booster, and Lady Godiva is a whore who wants to bang every male member of the group.


Over all I give this book a Jack Rating, it’s not bad enough to deserve a Joker rating, but it was damn near close.











So where was the hooded woman this time? Right here.

I thought this was gonna be good, so good job Booster.

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