52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – O.M.A.C.

This book sucked. I’m sorry, I really wanted to like it. Where do I start? The art is cool, very Kirby like, which is the saving grace of this book. The original O.M.A.C., the mohawked bad ass from the future was a guilty pleasure of mine, and the revamp as a computer who can take over bodies was interesting, so if you combine the two what do you get? Crap.

Thunderous crap at that.


I was confused the entire time, the story was very unclear, and I didn’t know who was talking half the time. His mohawk talked to him throughout the story telling him what to do which was funny, but this book didn’t try to be funny, it took itself way to serious.

Way too serious.


I liked the slight changes to Static to make him a Spiderman for DC, but making O.M.A.C. the Hulk is ridiculous. I can only imagine that when they were making up 52 new books this was number 52. This is how I assume the  meeting went during the creation of this book.


DC hotshot – “So, we have 51 books, we need one more.”

Didio – “We could give another book to Liefield?”

DC hotshot – “We are giving him his chance, shut up Didio!”

Didio – “Okay, I’m going to play with my legos.”

Door opens slowly, Keith Giffen enters.

Giffen – “I have an idea, how about if the Hulk was a computer virus that turned a kid into weapon!”

DC hotshot – “Mr.Giffen! Don’t you want to do something with the Legion of Superheroes or your greatest creation Lobo!”

Giffen – “No, I have done enough good, I want to make a horrible book that no one could possibly like, and I’ll take Didio with me.”

DC hotshot – “Okay sir, just remember to make sure he takes his medication”

Giffem –  “MWAHAHAHA”


I live to make legends look bad! Kirby, Didio, Giffen, all crap now!


An that’s how that went down, maybe. Probably.


Over all I sadly have to give this book a Joker, I really liked the art, and Didio and Giffen are legends in my eyes, but wow, what a bad book.








So where is hoody girl this time? In another crowd, she loves crowds.

Is she wearing the Axl Rose costume?

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