52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – The Savage Hawkman

The DC reboot had many purposes, it would bring in new readers, it make the universe more linear, and they could integrate characters from other universes, like Vertigo, Wildstorm, and Marvel? You heard me, not only has DC took the iconic character types they created, but they also took a few Marvel character types and changed existing characters. We have seen this already with the Hulk like O.M.A.C., the very Spider-Man like Static, and now the Wolverine clone of Hawkman.

I'm so angsty Jared Leto wrote a song about me

The current incarnation of Hawkman has always been very similar to Wolverine. How you ask? Here is a list.

– Does not play well with others yet always fights with a team

– Short temper and berserker rage

– The woman he loves always seems to die

– He has lived a long time, and lived many different lives

– hairy body, pointy mask

get this man a cigar and some tights and call him Logan!


So how does DC reboot Hawkman, they make him more angry, give him amnesia, and now he has retractable metal claws (three of them?), armor, and weapons. So yeah, he’s a healing factor and young impresionable girl away from being in every X book. Tony Daniel (Teen Titans) writes a good book, I just don’t think he was really committed to this book. It is really pretty Phillip Tan (Spawn, Agent Orange arc of Green Lantern) does an excellent job, but I just couldn’t get into this book.


I give The Savage Hawkman an underwhelming QUEEN.









Where was our lovely hooded lady?

Right behind Wolver...... Hawkman

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