52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Red Hood And The Outlaws

To start I was thinking that this book looked lame, I didn’t understand the team, Red Hood, Batman’s insane apprentice, Red Arrow, the kind of dumb Green Arrow sidekick, and Starfire, the super sexy alien. No real connection besides a loose relationship with the Teen Titans, but hey, whatever, the book was good.

The team dynamic needs a little work.

I don’t really read Marvel’s X books, so I really never knew who Scott Lobdell was, but now I want to see some more of his work. Lobdell puts some solid jokes in with lots of action, add a sexy half naked alien and a brooding leading man, and you got yourself a summer blockbuster. I could not stress enough that this looked like crap and I was wrong.

The jokes made me laugh, I liked it.

Kenneth Rocafort who drew the beautiful Hunter-Killer, drew a very different Red Hood, more armored than the one we’ve seen before, which fits his new, somewhat crazy attitude. Starfire is still almost naked with a shiny approach to her space bikini, but a very different, very alien attitude. We never really see a suited up Roy, other than the cover, and we never learn if he goes by Speedy, Red Arrow, or Arsenal, but we do know he is a somewhat slow mercenary. Very interesting team, very interesting book.

A lot of revealing shots and dialogue from Starfire

I give this book a KING, I was surprised, and ready to drop a low score, but I really enjoyed it.











Where is the Hooded Woman? Hanging out in some strange spots.

So, now she can fly??

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  1. I think the Fathom-esq scenes of Starfire are destined for many, many fanboy’s wet-dreams.

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