52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Blue Beetle

A lot of people were upset when Ted Kord died and was replaced by the young inexperienced Jaime Reyes, I wasn’t one of those people. I didn’t hate Ted, I just thought he was kind of boring, I did like his interaction with Booster Gold during Giffen’s run on JLI. I also knew that DC really, really wanted to get some characters of color to become popular. They really do try, Jon Stewart and The Question are prime examples of characters revamped to a minority, they sort of worked, but I think Blue Beetle has become more popular than either of them and for good reason.

this is the only negative in the book


So, basically when I heard that Jaime was staying the Blue Beetle and he was getting his own book I was excited, with the character being so new they couldn’t really change too much of his background either, this was good. So how did all of this come off? Good, really solid, really funny, and with some neat questions to answer. We get to meet Jaime again and he is basically the same, Paco is a bit tougher, and Brenda is still Brenda. The scarabs history is shown again, the scary planet slaying scarab that we just met, not the necklace that the original wore. The scarab is a wanted criminal hunted by the green lanterns and after an accident it bonds to Jaime. We end the issue with a lot of questions, are the Green Lanterns still looking for the scarab? Why is the french Brotherhood of Evil fighting random Mexican super villains? I can’t wait until the next issue.

That is every Mexican villain DC has.


Ig Guara (Marvel Adventures) really knocks it out of the park with some very sharp art that fits the character perfectly. Tony Bedard (Crossgen, Exiles) rights a great story, he just has some trouble with high school dialogue. It doesn’t really matter though, this book was good.

That looks painful.


I give this book a KING, it almost deserves an ace, but some of the dialogue early on is lame, so it loses some points.










So where is the hooded woman now? Just watching someone trying to murder a kid.

just give him the pack? Jeez.

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