52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – DC Universe Presents: Deadman

I'm gonna possess this hipster juicer


I’m a real big fan of anthology series, especially if it helps us to better understand the universe in which the book is placed. I have high hopes for the book, I think it will help a lot of the angry DC fans by showing us the characters that we love who are right now MIA. DCUP did not impress me, mainly because Deadman is boring.

Is that the cat chick from Avatar?

So, Deadman, the Quantum Leap of super heroes. We see Deadman visit various people who need help in their lives, too many people, that was one of the problems with the book. Two pages of floating heads was ridiculous, the whole book was kind of hard to get through, luckily Bernard Chang (New Mutants) drew this book beautifuly. Paul Jenkins (Marvel Mythos, Sentry) is a great writer, but I feel like he put this one on auto pilot. The dialogue was okay and I think it really flowed well, but I just can’t get into Deadman.

we get it, please stop... how was your time as a stripper?

Overall, This book gets a QUEEN, I have high hopes for this series, just not Deadman.









Where is that hooded woman? Who is that hooded woman?

she hangs with clowns, thats bad news.

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