52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle: Deathstroke

I don’t really like Deathstroke, he’s one of those characters that have this huge fan following that I don’t get. I also don’t really care for villain books, most of the time, because of the difficulty to make a villain someone you root for which usually results in the villain becoming more of an anti-hero. Why must every headliner of a villain book have a sick family or these morals that make them perform heroic deeds, boring. With all this against it I wasn’t too excited for this series, but I was blown away at how good it was.

Holy Crap! Say goodbye to all ages!


Kyle Higgins (various Batman books, creator of Nightrunner) wrote Deathstroke as an evil badass, no sick family, no dead pets, no freedom fighting, he just kills for money plain and simple. I really enjoyed some of the subtle points of this book, Deathstrokes age is a factor, there are Clayface DNA infused goons, and Slade is unforgiven and calculating. I really suggest this book to any and all Batman fans, he was so anti-Batman it was crazy. The powerset for Deathstroke stayed the same, enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and brain function, a kind of Evil Captain America with a sword and gun if you will.

How much impact do Batmans rogues make in this new DC universe?

Joe Bennett (52, Hawkman) redesigns Deathstroke as a more effective killing machine, no more tights and pirate boots, he now wears armor and a bullet proof mask. The art is crazy good, we are given plenty of gratutious violence and some great action scenes. This book was clearly the sleeper hit of this week, I was quite surprised by it’s quality.

Because F#@K YOU! That's Why!


I give this book a solid KING, just short of an ace, I just don’t think it has a wide enough appeal, and that is the only negative thing about the series.









This hooded woman has some strange places she like to hang out, like Russia, during an assassination.

Hi Mom!

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