52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – All Star Western

I love westerns, The Man With No Name, Rooster Cogburn, Doc Holliday, and Jonah Hex are all characters that have had a huge effect on my comic styles. When I heard Jonah Hex was getting a starring role in a western ongoing series I was excited. When I heard that the epic duo of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Uncle Sam, Jonah Hex)were going to be writing it I was ecstatic. When I saw that the epic artist Moritat (Elephantmen covers) was doing the INTERIOR work I beyond words. After I read the first issue that takes place in an early Gotham ran by the ancestor of Oswald Cobblepott (the Penguin) , and that Dr. Arkham was his sidekick my head nearly exploded. Needless to say, this book was amazing.

Truer word have never been said


This was the Jonah Hex I love, not the 2010 movie abomination that no one liked. This Jonah Hex is rude, harsh, and ugly, inside and out. Not every hero needs a chiseled jaw and a moral center, some need to be dirty, Jonah Hex ‘s drive is simple, he is getting paid and someone killed his favorite whore. Dr.Arkham is a little different, he has no social skills, yet he is a brilliant psychologist ahead of his time, think of a western era MONK, the Tony Shalhoub character. These two are after a deranged murderer who knows Hex is part of an organization that ranges from Mayor Cobblepot to Mills, the factory owner. Palmiotti and Gray do it again, with one of the best series I’ve read in a long time. The dialogue out of everyone’s mouth was perfect, it was realistic and intriguing. Who is the killer? How does he know Hex? These questions and more will keep me reading one of the top 5 best books to come out of the relaunch.

Good thing Megan Fox didn't show up, instead, I believe that's Christina Hendricks


The art is beautiful, the secretive Moritat has a gritty style that pulled me in with the beautiful covers on the fantastic Noir Sci-Fi Elephantmen and kept me reading that book to this day. This art applied to the dirty back streets of the old west Gotham flows perfectly from page to page, enhancing the already epic story. Possibly one of the best looking series out of the relaunch, pick it up.

I can see where Penguin gets it from.


I give this book an easy ACE, it is as near perfect as a comic can get.











So the hooded woman was in medieval DC and in future DC, now we know she is also is in Western DC

This bar is hopping!

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