52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Stormwatch

I was always a big fan of Wildstorm’s Stormwatch and The Authority. When I heard they were going to shoehorn in the Wildstorm universe into the recently merged DC/Milestone universe and then rebooted I was worried. The openly gay lovers Midnighter and Apollo were violent versions of DC’s big guns, Superman and Batman, and the weren’t exactly family friendly. How would the add The Bleed into the DC universe? Will they still be the great characters I know and love? Why does Midnighter have that chin spike? Is Martian Manhunter the same we know? So many questions and honestly, the first issue really didn’t answewr these questions, but MAN WAS IT GOOD!



From page one I was hooked. Turning Apollo into a young bad ass who has taken on Superman and killed a child molester was genius. Midnighter doesn’t show up until the end, but he makes one hell of a appearance. Martian Manhunter isn’t the cookie loving alien we all know, this Martian Manhunter doesn’t F#<K around. Finally the supporting cast, Hawksmoor, The Drummer, and Jenny Sparks are mostly the traditional versions we’ve all seen, which is good, since these characters are perfect already.


Don't touch my oreos bitch.


This book is dark, it has some pretty gruesome scenes and keeps the feeling of the old books alive. DC made a great decision with this book and it’s inclusion into the DCU is being done perfect right now. Paul Cornell (Action Comics) and Miguel Sepulveda (Thanos Imperative) knock it out of the park.

Happy shiny stories



Over all I give this issue an KING, I will be picking this one up for the full year.








So where is miss hood? Right here!

hmm, Apollo takes the back door?

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