52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Hawk & Dove

This was a task, during the split up of the comics between Tim and I Hawk & Dove was one of those books that we both wanted and at the same time neither of us wanted. I ended up “winning” the book, and honestly, I did not like it.

Magic eyebrows on Dove, no hair can block them!

Hawk & Dove are boring characters, I never liked them. Even when Hawk became Monarch he was a snore fest, so I really wasn’t expecting much.  Sterling Gates, who wrote one of the best Green Lantern backup stories ever, made Hawk & Dove an odd couple who are more mercenary then superhero. I couldn’t help but think that DC wanted to create a very X-Force like team, and they failed. I really couldn’t get into Hawks dickhead attitude, I could care less that Don, the original Dove died, and the new Dove was boring as hell. I also hate it when a character explains to the audience what has been happening, and this book was horrible at that. Hawk explained the history of H&D to his dad, then Dove explains the secondary story line to her boyfriend Deadman. The book was written well, but the characters were just not good.

yes, but can you explain why your body is so misshapen?

I guess I’m being harsh on H&D, I liked the writing, it flowed well. So let’s talk about the 300 lbs gorilla in the room. Rob Liefeld was the artist, and we all know that Liefeld has had some questionable designs in the past, so how was it here? Bad, like distracting bad. I will not lie, this wasn’t worst of the week, that went to O.M.A.C.


So what do I give this book? A JACK, it could of been worse, but that would of been hard.








Where was the hooded woman? Why is she hiding her face? Probably because she is in a horrible comic.

"I hope no one finds me in this crap book" - Hooded Woman

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