52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Swamp Thing

So I guess to start I should tell everyone that I think Allan Moore is overrated, sure he’s good, but he’s also insane and one of the most negative people in the industry. I liked his Swamp Thing stuff, it took a boring muck monster and made him a compelling character with a deep history. I also think that I prefer seeing Swamp Thing interact with other heroes, not just Constantine, but Batman, Superman, and especially the new Animal Man (hint hint).

I'm telling you, a crossover with this Swamp Thing and the new Animal Man would be an amazing team up

The book starts with animals dying, just dying. Birds fall from the sky, bats litter the bat cave, and Aquaman is surrounded by the corpses of his gilled friends.Things then take a turn for the better. The story was great, it was so bright and shiny, following Dr.Holland, a lumber worker who knows a lot about plants, or so we are led to believe, even Superman came by to tell him about his latest adventures. Then something happens, The story takes another drastic, terrifying turn, one of the darkest events I’ve ever seen in comics, dead animals morph into a rotting colossus and start to snap the necks of some scientists and make them zombie followers. Yeah, it was insane.

Wanna hang out? Just let me BREAK YOU FREAKING NECK!

The art is gorgeous, creepy, and intricate, perfect for a book like this. I think that I will have to continue to pick up this dark story for a while, to at least see what that monster is, and why Swamp Thing ISN’T Holland.


Holy exposition Superman!

Overall, this book gets a solid KING rating, the only thing holding it back was the sudden appearance of Superman just for exposition, very unrealistic dialogue there.








So where is the hooded woman? Just watching some men handle some wood.

Sometimes she seems really forced


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