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  • Jedi Mind Trick

    Jedi Mind Trick – Star Wars VII Casting & Unpopular Opinions

    Today was a momentous day in geekdom, Star Wars Episode VII main casting was announced.  To view the full announcement along with a cool picture of all the players sitting together in the Pinewood Studios, UK: click here   Here’s the official statement from Lucasfilm/Disney: […]

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  • m_wallpaper1800x6002

    Dream Cast: Pokemon

    I live action Pokemon movie is a must, some things have to be changed though, sending a 12 year old out on an adventure is insane, think of a twelve year old you know…. now, would you trust them to go out on their own? […]

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  • nowshowingsign

    Top 8 Video Games That Need A Movie

    8.Metroid Why hasn’t this been made yet? With the Resdient Evil and Underworld movies making millions I figured every female hero would be launched to the big screen, but Samus STILL isn’t on the big screen, put a hot action star in there and make […]

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  • daredevil-big-shots13

    Dream Cast Daredevil

    I cast what would be a two part Daredvil movie, no Ben Affleck, no Jennifer Garner, a good Daredevil movie.   Daredevil – Patrick Flannery The Man without fear, lets make this the current older Daredevil, a happier man who fights crime, Flannery would be […]

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  • ghostbusters header

    Dream Cast: Ghostbusters 3

    I came up with a plot, story, and cast for the possible Ghostbusters 3, tell me what you think. Oscar Barrett, Dana’s son and Venkman’s stepson – Aaron Johnson Oscar was Dana Barrett’s baby in the second movie, not Peter Venkman’s child, but Venkman cared […]

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  • aquaman_banner-640x250

    Dream Cast: Aquaman

    Aquaman – Leonardo Dicaprio Aquaman the King of Atlantis, this movie could be an epic tale of the rise of Arthur as King, so it needs an epic actor. It’s time for Leo to step out of his Oscar shoes and do something fun. He […]

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  • chrono trigger

    Dream Cast: Chrono Trigger

      One of my favorite games of all time, if it was brought to the big screen who would play who?   Crono – Anton Yelchin Crono is the young and brash hero, he didn’t talk much in the game so it would be hard […]

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  • bone header

    Dream Cast: Bone

      Bone is one of the most epic graphic novels ever written. Jeff Smith blends humor, action, fantasy, and emotion into a story that pulls at your heart and makes you really connect with the book. With Harry Potter ending we need another series to […]

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  • 2480576157_23ecdb30b4_o

    Dream Cast: Umbrella Academy

      The Umbrella Academy is a comic series written by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way. The story takes place in a vey dark Tim Burton-esque world inhabited by heroes who haven’t been fully explained, all we know is they were all born on […]

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  • F-Zero_syc

    Dream Cast: F-ZERO

    F Zero was a super fun game that many of us have fond memories of, and an epic race movie set in the future seems like something that everyone would want to see. Making the movie have an unbiased approach and not focus on any […]

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  • MovieFilm

    Dream Cast: Gen13

    Gen13 was an incredibly popular comic in the 90’s and if the trend of turning every comic imaginable into a movie, then this is going to become a movie sooner or later. Gen13 Caitlin Fairchild – Leelee Sobieski Tall and statuesque Caitlin Fairchild was once […]

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  • m_75449

    Dream Cast: The Brave And The Bold

    DC’s Brave and The Bold has been a team up book for many characters, as of late it has been used to partner Batman with everyone from Superman to Kamandi, but for a big screen adaptation of The Brave and The Bold, I could only […]

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  • drstrange

    Dream Cast: Dr.Strange

    Dr. Strange is an important member of the Marvel universe, it’s only a matter of time until he gets turned into a summer blockbuster, so I cast my idea for the Dr.Strange movie. Dr.Strange – Patrick Dempsey   My smoldering good looks will charm you, […]

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  • inhumans title

    Dream Cast: The Inhumans

    Marvel is doing a fantastic job at developing a universe within the movies we see. The Inhumans are one of the more obscure, yet important aspects of the Marvel universe. Who would play these royal characters? I’ll tell you!   Black Bolt – Guy Pearce […]

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  • botp_background

    Dream Cast: Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle Of The Planets

    Whether you know it as Gatchaman, G-Force, or Battle Of The Planets no can deny the awesomeness that it is. Mark/Ace Goodheart/Ken – James Mcavoy The Boomerang wielding leader of the team who wears the Eagle costume, for the movie we can combine the names […]

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  • bannershazam

    Dream Cast: SHAZAM!

    With the recent casting of Superman and the explosion of superhero movies I have decided to cast DC’s second Superman, Captain Marvel, in the feature film SHAZAM! The Shazam comic has been around for longer than almost any other well known hero, so the history […]

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  • batlogo-640x250

    New Batman Villains Announced!

    Anne Hathaway, from The Princess Diaries and Alice in Wonderland, will be portraying Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the third, and final Nolan directed Batman movie Tom Hardy, from Inception and Bronson, will be playing the powerhouse, Bane. Most likely Bane will be the main villain of […]

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  • timthumb.php

    Dream Cast: Voltron

    Hollywood is in love with making movies from old shows right now and one of the most popular kids shows ever, Voltron is rumored to be on the way next, so I thought I would help Hollywood out and cast it for them. Jim Sturgess […]

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  • thegoon2-640x250

    Dream Cast: The Goon

    The Goon – Mickey Rourke The Goon is ugly, tough, and has a lot of heart, Rourke proved he can do this with Sin City and the like, so lets see him do it again. Frankie – Woodie Harrelson Franky is slightly deranged and Goon’s […]

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  • the_tick_wallpaper_1024

    Dream Cast: The Tick

    So, everyone liked the Tick right? Well, I decided to see what a movie made after the epic TV show would be like, hopefully better than the live action TV show. The Tick – Patrick Warburton This guy was perfect for this role during the […]

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