Dream Cast: Gen13

Gen13 was an incredibly popular comic in the 90’s and if the trend of turning every comic imaginable into a movie, then this is going to become a movie sooner or later.


Caitlin Fairchild – Leelee Sobieski


Tall and statuesque Caitlin Fairchild was once a nerdy girl until her powers triggered and she became the super strong and near indestructible Fairchild. Leelee Sobieski is the only tall gorgeous red head out there that can play this character.

Grunge – Ivan Shaw

let's not do the goofy chest tattoo

Grunge is a shape shifting Asian American slacker. He can absorb substances and turn his body into that substance. Ivan Shaw is a great up and coming young actor that would be great in a comic book movie.

Burnout – Scott Speedman

remember me I was that hybrid thing from Underworld.

Burnout is the fire manipulating leader Gen13. Scott Speedman hasn’t done much since his role in the Underworld movies, we need to see more of him.

Rainmaker – Orianka Kilchner

using a real Native American to play one!? Unheard of!

Rainmaker is the Native American weather controlling hottie who is a spiritual compass for the team. Orianka Kilcher from the new world, has the sweetness yet strength the character needs

Freefall – Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Honestly, any excuse to see her in her bra again

Freefall is the youngest member of the group and the extra unexpected fighter against the big villains DV8. Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be the ideal candidate for Freefall.

John Lynch – Denis Quaid

Let's forget G.I. Joe happened

John Lynch is the teams guide and member of the previous team, he is also revealed to be the father of Burnout. Denis Quaid is a great actor who could bring a lot of depth to John Lynch


Sublime – Kate Bosworth

this movie is going to be hot

Sublime is a beautiful and deadly member of DV8 yet she almost seems as sweet an innocent as Freefall, No one does sweet with a bite like the lovely Kate Bosworth

Powerhaus – Brian Austen Green

plus, he's banging Megan Fox, so things are good.

Powerhaus is the super strong crazy man and Brian Austen Green can be both of these things.

Threshold – Paul Walker

just bring along that 8 Below edginess.

Threshold is the scarred leader of DV8 and a powerful telepath. His arrogance and anger get the best of him and this makes the underused Paul Walker a perfect fit.

Bliss – Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

….what?… I was uh, I was…..

Bliss the polar opposite of Rainmaker, for every bit of kindness and empathy in Rainmaker is mirrored by the cruelty and hate in Bliss, the gorgeous Jodi Lyn O’ Keefe should be perfect.

Deathblow – Kurt Russel

Old bad asses are in demand right now

I know I changed the history of Gen13, but I think making the villains direct mirror image of the evil they could be.Who better to be the anti Denis Quaid then Kurt Russel, who wouldn’t want see these two fight.

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  1. I would defiantly see this movie…

    For many reasons. Dennis Quaid and Kurt Russel being a big reason but not precisely at the top of the list.

  2. Defiantly? Why would you be defiant? I think you mean definitely.

  3. The auto correct on my phone is a dam nuance. Get it? More auto correct problems.

  4. no chest tattoo? are you on crack? lets also make fairchild 5 feet tall, roxy a blond and sara can be straight.

    you must not be a fan of the comics…

    Leelee Sobieski is butt ugly, and there is this magic thing called hair dye that lets you cast a non redhead as fairchild, then you can have something more like this : http://loyalkng.com/2008/12/12/gen-13-caitlin-fairchild-cosplay-pefection-is-defined-in-the-details-this-wins-accross-the-board/

    i mean god forbid they not cast a famous actor that looks nothing like the character right??

    also if you read the comics you would know that grunge is jacked as fuck and it has been stated he can bench press 500 lbs, you’re going to need a bigger Asian…

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