Dream Cast: The Goon

The Goon – Mickey Rourke

The Goon is ugly, tough, and has a lot of heart, Rourke proved he can do this with Sin City and the like, so lets see him do it again.

Frankie – Woodie Harrelson

Franky is slightly deranged and Goon’s best friend, after his performance in Zombieland Woody was a clear choice.

Buzzard – Sam Elliot

The Buzzard was afflicted with the zombie curse, but since he’s alive the curse worked in reverse, he must eat the flesh of the dead. Sam Elliot could bring this old gunfighter alive on screen.
Zombie Priest – Christopher Walken

The big baddie of The Goon, the Zombie Priest or the man with no name is egotistical and evil. Walken does that in his sleep.
Lazlo – Peter Serofinowizc

Lazlo is one of the few zombies which retained their personalities after death, a stoic and collected man, yet delivering some great lines Lazlo could be done by the great Peter Serafinowicz.
Hieronymus Alloy – Paul Giamatti

The mad scientist villain turned hero is a recurring ally of the Goon, Giamatti would be great as the gold headed scientist.
Labrazio – Ray Liotta

The man who made the Goon has been dead for years, although recently he has returned from the grave to destroy the Goon, Liotta does wise guy superbly, lets see him do undead wise guy.

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  1. I’d Watch this, for sure.

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