Dream Cast: Dr.Strange

Dr. Strange is an important member of the Marvel universe, it’s only a matter of time until he gets turned into a summer blockbuster, so I cast my idea for the Dr.Strange movie.

Dr.Strange – Patrick Dempsey


My smoldering good looks will charm you, my shaky hands will creep you out

First of all, Patrick Dempsey gets a bad rap. He’s not a bad actor, he just found a gold mine in Grey’s Anatomy which he milks for all it’s worth. With that being said he plays a caring compassionate doctor very well, but sometimes he’s called on to be arrogant and brash, which he does even better. He is the right age and build for Doc, and since he already wants to be Dr.Strange, I say we give it to him.

Baron Mordo – Ken Watanabe


I'm mad, not only was I not chosen, but my hairline sucks as well

I love Ken Watanabe, whether it be fighting alongside Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai or hopping through dreams in Inception, he has a very powerful aura around him. I would love to see Watanabe as the main antagonist, a rival magician who thinks he should have the power of the ancient one.

Ancient One- James Hong


hmmm, I think I'm gonna choose the white guy.

James Hong is mostly in comedies now, most recently as the voice of Po’s dad in Kung Fu Panda, but he used to appear as wise and powerful, with a sense of humor, which is exactly why I chose him as the being who granted Dr.Strange his power.

Clea- Marion Cotillard


honestly, the white hair could be hot, or really creepy.

Marion Cotillard is a sexy mysterious actress who can balance emotions well, as seen in Inception. Clea would be the love interest in this movie, and as a slight twist to the original story, a woman that Dr.Strange meets who has an infinity for magic that he takes under his wing to teach, and of course they end up in  love.

Dormammu- Tim Curry – Voice

yeah, stay in the recording booth buddy.

The big baddie, and villain of the second movie, Dormammu gave Baron Mordo his powers so he could kill the Sorcerer supreme. No ones voice is better to bring alive the lord of evil then Tim Curry.

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