Dream Cast: Aquaman

Aquaman – Leonardo Dicaprio

Aquaman the King of Atlantis, this movie could be an epic tale of the rise of Arthur as King, so it needs an epic actor. It’s time for Leo to step out of his Oscar shoes and do something fun. He would be a fantastic Lord of the Seas, after all he is always wet. Seriously, look back at all of his movies, for some reason or another he will end up wet. This movie would show the growth of Arthur as a young king to the great leader that he is today.

Mera – Kate Mara


Mera is from a rival underwater race and considered to be one of the most rage filled being on the planet, that is until Aquaman calms her raging heart, the beautiful Kate Mara can act along side Leo and not be drowned out. Plus she can get real angry.

Black Manta – Gary Dourdan


An Eco terrorist and constant thorn in Aquamans side, Black Manta is everything the Atlanteans hate about the surface dwellers. Gary Dourdain does cocky and intense like it’s second nature, he would be a great Black Manta. For this movie Black Manta would be the head of a terrorist group that wants the Atlanteans dead, they see them as unnatural beings and want to purify the Earth.

Aqualad – Wyatt Smith (Garth) Jaden Smith (Kandor)


Aquamans ward and a student of the mystic water magic of Atlantis, Aqualad is eager to please, but not very strong physically. Wyatt Smith is a young actor who would fit the role of the ill fated Aqualad. Jaden Smith is really overused, but as far as serious acting goes there are no others that fit the shape of the young Kandor as well. I say for this movie we kill him, The Black Manta could effect the entire kingdom by letting Garth die. Black Manta would be locked up in the prison that holds the most dangerous Atlantean criminals and father a child that would take over as the new Aqualad, Kandor, in the sequel that takes place 15 years later, which he shows up super-powered by Ocean Masters magic as the monstrous Black Manta.

Ocean Master – Cillian Murphy

Aquamans brother and a powerful magician, he would be the villain of the sequel angry at Aquamans relations with the surface world, he entered the atlantean prison and trained Black Mantas son to become Aquamans new ward, secretly training him to betray and kill Aquaman, but he would have a change of heart and turn against the evil Ocean Master who at the films climax would release all of the criminals from the Atlantean prison.


With Chris Nolan leaving Batman I figured he would have a large open schedule to turn another hero into a blockbuster, Aquaman could be that hero.

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  1. I am confused with one thing. You seem to want a fun loving Aquaman like from Super Friends. Yet for the back up cast you want a gritty feeling. Also, real hand, hook for a hand, or that zany water hand?

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