Top 8 Video Games That Need A Movie


Why hasn’t this been made yet? With the Resdient Evil and Underworld movies making millions I figured every female hero would be launched to the big screen, but Samus STILL isn’t on the big screen, put a hot action star in there and make her a little older, I say 30’s to get that war veteran look better, Let’s go with the great Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and for an added bonus make her wear a bikini at the end and get a call that she needs to go back, the Metroid fanboys will love that.
7.God Of War

Okay, so Clash of the Titans wasn’t great, Immortals was strange, and Percy Jackson didn’t deliver the action, but with all of these Greek Mythology based movies being made no one has made a God of War movie? It doesn’t need sharp dialogue just an action star who wants to kick ass, how about Jason Statham as Kratos and we are ready to start killing.
6.Final Fantasy

I have done a few Final Fantasy fan casts, and honestly, why a live action movie based on one of the hit games or even a good original script hasn’t made it onto the big screen is beyond me. Here are a couple of my casts (LINK) (LINK) tell me what you think?
5.Metal Gear Solid

I will be the first to tell you that I’m not a huge spy movie guy, but if the spy movie had giant robots, psychic assassins, and a dude with killer birds then I would watch that all day long, Christian Bale has already shown interest in being Solid Snake and with his impressive career he has shown that he can age himself so we can get all the Snakes everyone loves.

Kids movies do well, even if they are horrible, like that recent attempt at Astro Boy, but kids don’t want to see one half naked boy fight robots, they want to see a gun arm robot fight other robots with crazy powers! This could be a massive CGI animation franchise with tons of characters, but instead we will have to just sit back and wish for a Snake Gun on screen, A SNAKE GUN!
3.Gears of War

I hate FPS games, I think most of them lack any original design or idea, but a few stand out with great story lines and better characters and G.O.W. is definitely one of these titles, Franky G from the second Saw movie is huge, and already looks like Dom, so why not create an ensemble cast around him and get this sucker made.
2.Chrono Trigger

Harry Potter is over. Plus, all the other fantasy based movies with a young lead have sucked. We need a new Harry Potter, how about Crono, he would be a great Potter! Magic, Time Travel, and robots kids love these things! I made a DREAM CAST for it not long ago and I think this movie would hold up.

There have been as many movies as there have been Pokemon, but no live action, WHY!? This is a simple money making machine, I will have a Cast up fpr this next month showing who should play the original team in an epic, franchise starring some of the most beloved characters on TV and in video games. The fake trailer had so many views you would assume something would happen.

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