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The Umbrella Academy is a comic series written by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way. The story takes place in a vey dark Tim Burton-esque world inhabited by heroes who haven’t been fully explained, all we know is they were all born on the same day and a group of them was adopted by The Monocle and raised as heroes, the story takes place sometime after the death of The Horror and they Academy has split up and gone their separate ways, but when one of their own is kidnapped by a new villain they must ban together to fight a new nearly unstoppable force. The actors I chose were kinda of a gimmick, since they were all born the same year as Gerard Way.


Gorilla astronaut... Do you need another reason to read this?

Space Boy – James Van Der Beek
Handsome and strong Space boy is the de facto leader with the body of his dead ape friend. James Van Der Beek needs to redeem himself, and I can think of no better way than the lead in this epic movie.


knife throwing and breathing underwater go hand in hand

The Kraken – Orlando Bloom
The tough and edgy Kraken is an expert at throwing knives and has the super human ability to hold his breath indefinitely, Orlando Bloom has shown some gruffer edges as of late and would fill the role nicely.


Buffy needs to get away from vampires and talking dogs

The Rumor – Sarah Michelle Gellar
The cute one, with the ability to change reality by lying. She is cursed with a great power and an awkward sexual tension with her adoptive brother Space Boy. Sarah Michelle Gellar still has it, and she can bring it as the hottest of the umbrella academy


Lets give this dude a chance

The Seance – Gerard Way
I always thought he wrote this role for himself, the Seance is the fun having brother who can talk to the dead. Lets see if Way can act, give him a role he created and i think he can do it.


Superman is about to get strange

The Horror – Tom Welling
The Horror isn’t really seen in the story, he had died years before and was considered a great hero, even though his ability was that he could make strange amorphous creatures from his flesh. Tom Welling can do a sweet little Cameo here, seeing him in flashbacks as the caring brother is right up his alley.

I can see this kid with a knife and machine gun

00:05 The Boy – Asa Butterfield
The same age as his family but due to his time jumping is around the age of 12 the entire time, he takes on the monocle after his fathers death and is the driving force for our family of heroes. Asa Butterfield hasn’t done much, but he’s proved he can act like an adult if he needs to.

Two Buffy Alumini, yeah, got a problem?

The White Violin – Amber Benden
the technical villain of the series, she is the youngest of the group and is manipulated into becoming a killer by the evil Conductor. Amber Benson is not a household name, but her beauty fits the shy sad White Violin perfectly.


I haven't seen a Gary Oldman movie I didn't like.

The Monocle – Gary Oldman
The heroes “father” we meet him at his death and he turns out to be more than meets the eye, which leads our heroes on the journey to discover who they really are. Gary Oldman is one of the most versatile actors around. He will easily dominate this role.


This guy is such a bad ass.

Inspector Lupo – Jean Reno
The police officer who helps the umbrella academy is short tempered and tough. Jean Reno has proven himself to be an amazing actor suited for this role.


Great voice, goofy actor

Dr.Pogo – David Hyde Pierce
The loving figure of the Umbrella Academy and its greatest mind, all in a chimp. David Hyde pierce’s voice just screams intelligent monkey, don’t you think?


Even with a mask this guy is terrifying

The Conductor – Hugo Weaving
The manipulative mastermind who turns the Umbrella Academy’s sweet sister into the deadly white violin. This guy plays evil better than anyone. Hugo Weaving is an amazing actor with a fantastic voice.

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  1. I spent the last hour looking for dream UA casts that featured Asa Butterfield as 5, so I’m already enamored with your selections because of that, but I think the rest of your choices are truly fabulous, too. 😀

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