Dream Cast: Ghostbusters 3

I came up with a plot, story, and cast for the possible Ghostbusters 3, tell me what you think.

Oscar Barrett, Dana’s son and Venkman’s stepson – Aaron Johnson

Oscar was Dana Barrett’s baby in the second movie, not Peter Venkman’s child, but Venkman cared for him like he was his son. Aaoron Johnson has proven he can be a leading man, and who better to take the torch from the legend, Bill F%^$ing Murray.

Jenny Stantz, Rays Daughter  – Madeline Zima

The movie needs a hot female lead, Madeline Zima would be perfect as the smoking hot daughter of Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz.


Teddy Zeddmore, Winston’s nephew – Michael B. Jordan

Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zeddmore was always the tough guy on the team, so his protege needs to be tough, watch The Wire, this guy is tough.



Josh Gamble, Rays and Egon’s understudy – Josh Gad

I wanted a Ghostbusters fan to become a member, and I thought Josh Gad would be great as the nerdy ghost expert under tutelage from Harold Ramis’ Egon Spengler.

Lana Tully, Louis and Janines daughter – Kat Dennings

Although a relationship formed between Egon and Janine in the first movie, Louis Tully and Janine were romantcally involved in the second movie, and the Rick Moranis’ Louis became a Ghostbuster at the end. Louis and Janine’s child would need to be smart and sarcastic Kat Dennings is perfect.


The Story:

Louis died in an accident 15 years ago, and the Ghostbusters split up.Ray and Egon still study ghosts and have worked with a young fan named Steve Gamble who knows all there is about ghosts. One night Ray’s daughter Jenny Stantz gets attacked by a ghost and is saved by Oscar Barret, now being raised by Venkman and Dana, even though Oscar won’t take Venkman’s name. Venkman is now back in the fold, while discussing bringing the team back together they visit Winston’s auto body shop and meet his nephew Teddy Zeddmore who doesn’t believe in ghosts, but Teddy is a mechanical genius, and the group finds out that Winston has been keeping the Ecto one in running condition for 20+ years.

They decide to train new Ghostbusters made up of Oscar, Teddy, Gamble, and Jenny, but the plasma packs are in storage and Janine (now Louis’ widow) has the key, after they get the packs Teddy develops ways to mix the proton streams with the mood ectoplasm to create a more lightweight, safer, and stronger proton pack, they also meet Louis and Janine’s very straight forward and forcefull daughter Lana Tully, who wants to join the team in honor of her father. Egon and Janine rekindle a romance and the team face off against actual demons who are trying to open a gateway to hell in central park.

It turns out that Gozer has returned for her children, human mortals who have been touched by demon magic, which turn out to be Lana and Oscar, The New Ghostbusters must team up with the old Ghostbusters to save New York and each other. Venkman sacrifices himself to save Oscar and Gozer is defeated, after the battle the Ghost of Louis shows up to bring Venkman into the after life and confesses he attacked Jenny to bring everyone back together and then goes to heaven giving Egon and Janine his blessing. The movie ends with the New Ghostbusters re-opening the business and Janine and Egon marrying, Oscar taking Venkman’s name and his new girlfriend Jenny studying ghosts with Gamble, Lana showing interest in Gamble and Teddy taking over the team as the leader. All the corniness and crap that studios love. What do you think?

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  1. Now is there a dream sequence again with Kate denning instead of ray with one of gozers ghosts to scare her away. She’s layin there and a light appears than she watches her belt unbuckle than ziip her pants open but than she is woken by ray who notices the situation and 3 way calls the boys and says its time (song hits) and that’s the beginning eventually leading to becoming a buster she wants to fight them.

  2. i too had an idea very similar idea and knowing the old cast is getting too old to move on with the business we need a new younger generation casting so there will be future GBs movies. your dream is really good and it wouldn’t leave loose ends open like this new reboot crap. i just hope that they can fix what is about to happen to GBs 3 may even kick it out and take one of our ideas for GB 3. thanks for posting this it truly is what GB 3 should be.

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