Dream Cast Daredevil

I cast what would be a two part Daredvil movie, no Ben Affleck, no Jennifer Garner, a good Daredevil movie.


Daredevil – Patrick Flannery

The Man without fear, lets make this the current older Daredevil, a happier man who fights crime, Flannery would be an amazing Daredevil, watch Boondock SaintsĀ  and tell me otherwise.

Foggy Nelson – Sean Astin

The bumbling best friend and law partner of Matt Murdock, know one plays a best friend better than Samiwise.

Stick – Bruce Spence

The old blind teacher who taught Daredevil about his powers as a child will be killed by the evil Tyhpoid Mary, which starts Daredevil on his journey.

Elektra – Jolene Blalock

Elektra would show up in the sequel as one of the assassins hired by Kingpin to take down Daredevil, and be a love interest. Jolene Blaylock has a strange and sexy foreign look that works great as the mysterious Elektra

Bullseye – Norman Reedus

Bullseye is another one of the three Assassins hired to kill Daredevil in the sequel, and when he finds out that Elektra has a bounty and is defending Daredevil, he kills her. Norman Reedus has worked with Flanery before and could easily do this role with a sinister twist.

Gladiator – Manu Benett

The third assassin to be hired by Kingpin in the sequel, he wouldn’t last through the movie as he will meet a grizzly fate at the hands of his own blades. Manu Benett is big and scary, and that’s all Gladiator needs.

Typhoid Mary – Mary Tabrett Bethell

A friend of Matt Murdock with a split personality, her evil side killed Stick and swears allegiance to the Kingpin, but her good side just wants to help Daredevil stop her, she commits suicide in the climatic ending of the first movie. The super sexy and mood swinging Bethel plays crazy well, real well.

King Pin – James Gandolfini

The big boss who Daredevil threatens at the end of the first movie after he lets Typhoid kill herself, he hires assassins to kill him in the sequel. Gandolfini would be a great Kingpin, shave him bald.

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