Dream Cast: Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle Of The Planets

Whether you know it as Gatchaman, G-Force, or Battle Of The Planets no can deny the awesomeness that it is.

Mark/Ace Goodheart/Ken – James Mcavoy

The Boomerang wielding leader of the team who wears the Eagle costume, for the movie we can combine the names to Mark Goodken, sounds less cheesey, but you get all of them in there. James Mcavoy is a leading man all the way, and he could be the lead of the Science Ninja Team no prob.

Tiny Harper/Hooty Owl/Ryu – Anthony Anderson

Harppon gun toting, Owl suit wearing tough guy. Honestly these names are horrible, so to keep it together I have made the name Ryan “Tiny” Harper, they call him Tiny cause he’s a big guy. Anthony Anderson is a big guy, and he’s funny, plus, G-Force could use a little diversity.

Keyop/Pee Wee/Jinpei – Noah Ringer

Bolas throwing Swallow suit ninja, Jimmy “Pee Wee” Key, is the young guy, his best friend is Tiny and he’s the heart of the group. Noah Ringer get’s some bad wrap for his role as Aang, I say let him play a different Asian kid and see how he does.

Princess/Agatha Jun/ June – Zooey Deschanel

The down to earth Yo-yo wielding Swan princess, Her name is simple, Agatha “Princess” June, She starts as secret royalty and quickly becomes the love interest for both Mark and our next member. Zooey Deschanel seems like a down to earth princess to me, so what other reason do I need.

Jason/Dirk Daring/Jo – Sam Witwer

The arrogant shuriken throwing Condor wielder, Jason Joseph Daring, or J.J. for short is one of the most skilled fighters and pilots in the planets. Sam Witwer plays that arrogant angry jerk with a heart so well, he should copy wright it.


As The Villain!



Zoltar/Galactor/Bergu Kattse – Ben Foster

The main villian and creepy dude all around, honestly Zoltar is the best name for this guy, and the great young actor Ben Foster will make this one of the best villians ever shown in movies.


Colonel Cronos/Red Impulse/Reddo – Sacha Baron Cohen

As one of Zoltar’s goons and comedic relief, Red Impulse, is kind of a doofus. Sacha Baron Cohen is quite a doofus as well, but a very entertaining doofus.

Mallanox/Geru Sadora – Crispin Glover

The creepy clown like Mallonox is the partner of Red Impulse and Zoltors’s right hand man. Crispin Glover is the king of creepy, and he’s already the best color.

The Luminous One/Computor/Sosai X – Robot voice

The Luminous One is an intelligent computer program that pulls the strings for Zoltor, that standard Stephen Hawking electro voice is honestly the best.

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  1. Finaly someone who likes Zooey! Great cast Brandon!

  2. Love the cast you have except Anthony Anderson, that would be to odd maybe Zach Galifianakis will do better.

  3. I have an issue or 2 with this post. First of all, Condor Joe was a race car driver, not a pilot. That was Ken. Princess was just an Americanized name given to Jun the Swan, not an actual description. She, like Keyop, was an orphan. Hell, the whole time, minus Ryu, were orphans. Finally, Col. Cronus was not part of Galactor. They were actually on the same side as Gatchaman. Hell, Col. Cronus was supposedly Ken’s father. Otherwise, decent post.

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