Dream Cast: The Brave And The Bold

DC’s Brave and The Bold has been a team up book for many characters, as of late it has been used to partner
Batman with everyone from Superman to Kamandi, but for a big screen adaptation of The Brave and The Bold, I could only think of two heroes that would suit it the best, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

I had to make up my own story line so I have the movie start with Ted Kord The Blue Beetle in his lab creating non lethal weapons and dreaming of being a costumed hero when a worm hole opens up and spits out the time displaced Booster Gold who tells him he’ll be a great hero one day and he’s here to help.

Booster Gold – Sean William Scott


I think we can lose the disco collar.


The BOLD member of the titular group is a brash, arrogant hero with tech and knowledge from the future. Sean William Scott’s arrogant portrayals in movies like Role Models and American Pie are perfect for the Greatest hero you never knew Booster Gold.

Blue Beetle – Paul Rudd


I say keep this costume the same though.



The brave scientist who uses non lethal weapons to stop villains and best friend and moral anchor to the hot headed Booster, Blue Beetle is the smarts and heart of the team. Paul Rudd plays incredibly well with SWS, as seen in Role Models, so he seemed like a great choice for Blue Beetle. He has that stammering smart guy feeling that works well with a more extreme personality partnered with him.

Skeets – Seth Green (voice)


He would love it, he's a real geek.



Skeets is an information bot from the future and actually more of Boosters superior than he thinks. Seth Green has a great voice that he uses on Star Wars: The Clone Wars that would fit Skeets perfectly.

Kite Man – Rain Wilson


not as dark as Super, but he would be a great cameo.



Kind of a joke villain he’s the first super villainĀ  Blue Beetle takes down in this story. He would be played by the hilarious Rain Wilson in a cameo role.

Rainbow Raider – Jay Baruchel


This was a real villain, how lame.



A petty art thief that Booster stops and humiliates would be the second criminal stopped by the duo before they partner up. Jay Baruchel would bring to life the neurotic Rainbow Raider very well.

Now this is where the story gets fun, we see a montage of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle stopping petty criminals and the city loving them, but then the big villains show up, The Time Stealers to take over the earth and we see The Blue and Gold greatly outmatched.

Despero – Keith David


Scary voice.



I’m a fan of the intelligent Despero more than the hulking one, but Keith Davids amazing voice and stature would do great as either of powerful alien telepath.

Per Degaton – Christolph Waltz


He hates time, and Jews



The evil Nazi time traveler is one of the cruelest men in history and Christoph Waltz can bring the cruel evilness of Per Degaton to a higher level.

Ultra Humanite – Ian McShane


tough monkey.....I mean APE!



The artificially enhanced Albino Gorilla Ultra Humanite believes himself to be the perfect being. Ian McShanes voice and some CGI would make an amazing combo for the super intelligent gorilla.

After our heroes break up over Boosters idea that these villains would have to be killed and the secret that Booster has never heard of Blue Beetle before now, we finally see the duo get back together and use the strengths of their enemies against them, defeating them and then Rip Hunter and his Time Masters come to lock up the villains, they offer Booster a spot on the team, but he turns them down to stay with his good friend Blue Beetle.

Rip Hunter – Michael Biehn


and then I came back in time and banged my best friends mom....



The leader of the time masters and gruff scientist Rip Hunter would be brought to life by a man with some history of time travel, Michael Biehn

Liri Lee – Emily Procter


sexy time.



I took some liberties here and made Liri Lee a sexy southern belle who would use her great looks and her superior intellect to help Rip Hunter take down time criminals. Emily Procter from CSI fame would fit in here well.

Waverider – Carlos Marks


Energy hair is a must.



Waverider is another time hopping hero who joins Rip Hunter in his battle against Chrono Crimes after he already saved the universe once from a threat that will never happen (makes sense if you get time travel). Carlos Marks has got the build and charisma to play the golden skinned hero.

That’s my take on the story what do you think?

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