Dream Cast: SHAZAM!

With the recent casting of Superman and the explosion of superhero movies I have decided to cast DC’s second Superman, Captain Marvel, in the feature film SHAZAM!

The Shazam comic has been around for longer than almost any other well known hero, so the history would have to be tweaked to have a clear story for the movies. This is the way I would do it.

I see Shazam as a trilogy. It begins with heiroglyphs showing the history of the magic word SHAZAM and the story of the wizard and his disgraced champion, Teth Adam. Then we go to Dr. Sivanna releasing Black Adam on Earth and the wizard Shazam choosing his new champion, the young Billy Batson to battle him. After a long and epic battle, Cap beats him with the assistance of his cousin Mary Marvel, who he gave powers to so she could help him. The movie ends with Sivanna’s lab being destroyed and Mary and Billy finding Tawky Tawny.

The second movie will show us where Black Adam had left to after the first battle, to his kingdom to reclaim his throne. The temporal rip caused by Sivanna’s lab exploding releases Nazi Man, who badly injures Freddy Freeman and decides to cleanse the Earth of un-superior races. Meanwhile Black Adam finds Adrianna Tomaz, a radical who is challenging Black Adams rulings. He falls in love with her and soon finds her brother and gives him powers at the same moment Cap is granting Freddy the powers of Shazam. This weakens the wizard. While Osiris learns to use his powers he finds Sobek and brings him home as part of the family.  The Newly reformed Black Adam and his family aide the Captain Marvel family against Nazi Man. The movie ends with an ominous hint that Sobek is hiding something.

The third and final movie will start off with the death of Osiris at the hands Famine, the previous friend of the family Sobek, then the assassination of Isis by Plauge. The four horseman of the apocalypse, the monsters and robots that attacked Black Adams family, are revealed to be creations by an extremely angry Dr.Sivanna. Black Adam goes into a rage destroying anyody who aided Sivanna. The Marvel family can barely even control the enraged Black Adam so Billy asks for Adam’s magic word to be changed so that he can never become Black Adam again. With the aide of the Egyptian gods who give Adam his power, Shazam does this, but must pass his mantle off as he is dying. Billy becomes the new Shazam and Freddy takes over as Captain Marvel. We end the movie with Freddy traveling for his trials and a de-powered Black Adam, now only Seth Adam traveling the globe saying random words so he may one day become Black Adam again.

Jon Hamm – Captain Marvel

The Earths mightiest mortal is an old fashioned type, square jaw, suave, and the wit of a 1940’s comedian. Jon Hamm has shown with Mad Men that when it comes to acting old school in style, he can do no wrong.

Chandler Riggs – Billy Batson

Billy Batson is a young kid of 9 – 12 with all the power of a god. Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead fame can play a kid with huge responsibility perfectly.

Christopher Lee – Shazam

Not really a hard choice for this one,  the wizard Shazam is old, strict, and regal. Christopher Lee from Lord Of The Rings is basically the go to guy for that.

Kayla Ewell – Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel is the resident hottie of the Marvel family, Kayla Ewell is the resident hottie of The Vampire Diaries. Case solved.

Thomas Dekker – Captain Marvel jr.

Captain Marvel Jr. is the short tempered cousin of Captain Marvel. Thomas Dekker from The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a great actor who would do great as the Jr. version of our hero.

Simon Pegg – Tawky Tawny

Tawky Tawny is neurotic, overly talkative, highly comedic tiger man. Simon Pegg of Shaun Of The Dead fame has a great voice for such a character.

Dwayne Johnson – Black Adam

Anger and wrath are the only things the vengeful Black Adam can see, that is until he meets Isis, the woman who will calm the beast within. Black Adam is the only mortal who could stand toe to toe with Captain Marvel. Dwayne Johnson has been long rumored for this role and honestly, after seeing him in The Scorpion King, I can’t think of a better choice.

Moon Blood Good – Isis

Isis, the beautiful woman granted powers from the reformed Black Adam is one of the most powerful and beautiful women on the planet. Moon Bloodgood from Terminator Salvation is famous for playing ethnic characters even though she’s usually not even close to the races she portrays, what’s adding middle eastern to the mix.

Dev Patel – Osiris

Osiris is the young pure of heart brother of the Black Adam family. Dev Patel may be Indian, but as we have seen with movies like The Last Airbender, mainstream audiences can’t really tell the differences from middle easterners.

Grant Heslov – Sobek

Sobek is the talking animal of the Black Adam family, an intelligent crocodile man who is always hungry. Grant Heslov has worked with Dwayne Johnson before on The Scorpion King and he has a great voice for the Crocodile man with a secret.

Paul Giamatti – Dr. Sivanna

Dr. Sivanna, Captain Marvel’s most persistent rival and the man who released Black Adam and Nazi Man on the world. Paul Giamatti from the John Adams miniseries can do the conniving weaselly scientist justice.

Neal McDonough – Nazi Man

The Reason Freddy Freeman became Captain Marvel Jr. was due to injuries caused by the time displaced Nazi Man. Besides looking just like Hitlers chosen, Neal Mcdonough is a great actor who could play the super racist no problem.

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  1. I really love this. I remember the old Wizard mag lists where every month they’d have a speculative cast for all kinds of comic book movies and I was really sad when they stopped. This was a quality cast listing. Keep up the good work!

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