Brandon’s Top 8 Comics Of The DC Reboot

8. Men of war

A powerful and intriguing book.

This was a surprise, I don’t normally like war books, but this one came from behind and blew me away! Read my review HERE and see why I loved it so much.

7. Static Shock

great banter and a neat story, a fantastic book.

So this was kind of a given, I’m a huge Static fan. My review HERE is a little biased, but he’s a great character to be the Spider-man of the DC universe.

6. Red Lanterns

Dex-Starr, the coolest Red Lantern.

I wasn’t too sure of this book. I didn’t think the Red Lanterns could carry a book on their own. I thought a better Idea was to have a revolving cast of lanterns from each of the corps, but as you can see HERE i was wrong, great book.

5.  Aquaman

The biggest surprise out of the relaunch was the quality of this book. Sure Geoff Johns was writing, but what can you really do with Aquaman, well, as Tim points out HERE, a lot. Great fun book.

4.  Suicide Squad

This is one of the cleaner panels in this book.

I’ve always liked Suicide Squad and Secret Six, so when I heard they were going to be merged into one book and have a dark twist, I wasn’t sold. The book is great though, HERE is what I thought about it, I love this book

3.  Animal Man

GAH! Read this book to find out what the hell this is!

Animal Man has always been a whipping boy, horrible things happen to him. The new Animal Man has been rewarded for his hard work by being a millionaire and celebrity, but he is also plagued by a new evil entity called the red. This book was fantastic, read more about HERE

2.  All Star Western

Jonah then gets pissed. Real pissed.

It was hard to choose between numbers 2 and 1 which was the best. All Star Western was almost perfect. HERE is my reveiw of it. I was completely pulled in during panel one and I was hooked through the entire book. This is one of the biggest Must Read books of the relaunch.

1. Green Lantern Corps

Just two space cops hanging out.

My biased nature wins out with this one. I love Guy Gardner he is hands down my favorite Lantern. This book takes the attitude of Gardner and writes him perfectly, and it accomplishes something else rare, it made me like Jon Stewart. The Lantern, not the comedian. For more info on my favorite book of the series go HERE.

What were your favorite books? Tell me in the comments section and I may mention you in the next podcast! I will be back next week with my list for worst books.

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