Apple App-aholics Anonymous (Dead Raid)

App Name: Dead Raid
Usage: First person zombie shooter
Price: Free

iTunes Link

Dead raid is one of those rare games that come along that truly make you love the developer.  The devs of this game not only added to Apple’s extensive library of free apps, but they added a great game to it as well.

Dead raid is a first person shooter with either touch or gyro (this is the cool one) controls.  In the game your character stays in one place and shoots 360 degrees around him or her.  Zombies pop up around you and, with your trusty pistol, you line up a head shot and let the gore ensue.  The gyroscopic controls that are available if your iOS device supports it are great letting you turn your whole body to line up your sights and take your shot (yes, you do look like a moron doing this in public, but you won’t care).

With changeable level backgrounds and music Dead Raid is the best zombie hunting time you can have on the iOS platform for free.

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