Dream Cast: Final Fantasy VII

This is hands down the most popular Final Fantasy game to date, although not my favorite. I respect the story and attitude of the game and believe I have found a solid cast who could portray these characters with pride.

Cloud Strife – Alexander Skarsgard

For the spiky haired hero I went with True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard. Why? He’s blond, has a very good look and is a great actor. Cloud is one of the most iconic video game characters, so I had to go with an actor who could properly display the wide array of emotions that Cloud goes through.

Sephiroth – Luke Goss

Sephiroth is another one of those Iconic characters, but in all honestly he was a dick, and kind of a bitch. Luke Goss’ portrayal of Prince Nuada in Hellboy II helped me chose this role with ease.

Tifa – Summer Glau

Tifa has to be sexy, peppy, and a complete bad ass. Firefly’s Summer Glau is perfect for the main love interest in this movie.

Aeris – Alexis Bledel

Aeris is confusing. She’s supposed to be beautiful– yet have an aura of kindness around her that you can almost feel. Gilmore Girls’ Alexis Bledel fits this role better than any actress in Hollywood.

Barret – Ving Rhames

Barret is a tough as hell bad ass who has a gun arm. Strap a mini chain gun to Dawn Of The Dead’s Ving Rhames and you have a perfect Barret

Vincent – Jared Leto

Vincent was ahead of his time: a brooding young vampire-esque man who is basically the worlds first emo. Fight Club’s Jared Leto does emo like a champ, and even though I’m not a huge fan of the actor, he would nail this role.

Red XIII – Ian Mckellen

All you need is an epic voice for Red, the rest can be done in CGI. No voice is more epic than Gandalf himself, Ian Mckellen.

Cid – Matthew McConaughey

I know I’m gonna get hell for this, but Cid is my favorite FF7 character. Southern charm and a bad ass pilot all wrapped up in one rugged package, Ol’ Matthew McConaughey from Sahara will own this role.

Yuffie – Brenda Song

For Yuffie I wanted a cute girl who can do cool ninja stuff, since Yuffie is a cute girl who can do ninja stuff, so Brenda Song of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior is my choice.

Caith Sith – Steve Buscemi

Another voice, only this time we see the face in cameos. Steve Buscemi’s voice is perfect for the fast talking spy. Con Air’s Buscemi can easily fake a Scottish accent until it is revealed he’s actually Reeve of the Turks.

Zack – Karl Urban

Zack would only be in cameo flashbacks throughout the movie until (spoiler) it’s revealed that all of Cloud’s memories were his. Karl Urban (Star Trek, Resident Evil, Chronicles of Riddick, Pathfinder…) would do great as the awesome warrior and Aeris’ lost love, Zack.

Reno and Rude – Justin Chatwin and Christopher Judge (Respectively, pictures left to right Rude then Reno)

These guys are kind of the comedic relief for the evil side. The straight laced and quiet, yet strong, Rude would be portrayed by Stargate’s Christopher Judge while the sporadic,  loud and quick Reno would be portrayed by Dragonball: Evolution’s Justin Chatwin

There you go Final Fantasy Fanatics. I’ve casted 7 and 8, tell me what you think!

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  1. cloud Zac Efron
    tifa Summer Glau
    berrat Vin Rhames
    aeris Kira Knightly Isla Fisher
    cid Mattew McConaughy
    vincent Ian Sommerhold
    yuffie Brenda Song
    redXIII Jensen Ackels
    cait sith Seth Green
    Zack Chris Pine
    Sephiroth Brad Pitt
    tseng Eric Banna
    reno jason stranton
    rude Ryan Reynolds Chris Evens
    elana Allison Mack
    rufis Shia LaBeouf Haden christensen

  2. Guess I’m not the only one who thinks Cid is possibly the best character out of this cast.

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