Dream Cast Final Fantasy VIII

I know that this isn’t the most popular in the series, and I’m well on my way to casting the other FF games for all the other fans out there, so without much more delay I will cast MY favorite Final Fantasy, FF8.

Squall Leonhart – Josh Hartnett

I needed a tough emotionally detached guy for this role, and I think that not only does Hartnett look just like Squall but he acts just like him in many of his roles.

Rinoa Heartilly – Kristin Kreuk

Rinoa is a cute full of life girl who can kick some serious ass, I think I hit the nail right on the head

Qustis Trepe – Katherine Heigl

the too serious high strung Quistis is actually the same age as the SeeDs but is such a good student she has become an instructor, with the hots for star student Squall. Heigl does high strung and awkward like a pro so she snags this role no problem.

Zell Dincht – Sean William Scott

Kind of a clown and definitely the comedy relief, Zell is a hand to hand fighter who doesn’t exactly get along with team leader Squall, A funny guy who like to argue and complain? sign up Sean William Scott.

Selphie Tilmitt – Olivia Munn

A cutsey space cadet compared to the rest of the team she never really shines until you realize the things going on between Irvine and her, I needed a spacey cute girl for this role and I think that this would be the perfect role for the G4 host.

Irvine Kinneas – Jensen Ackles

A suave and cocky ladies man on the outside but a skilled marksman who really feels each kill on the inside, I needed that kind of guy who can do cocky and troubled, and if you’ve ever seen Supernatural then you know Ackles is the man for the job.

Seifer Almasy – Ian Somerhalder

A mystery really he seems so mean and evil but you hear so many things about how he’s actually a good guy with a very passionate dream, I needed that distant yet haunting look for most recurring antagonist in the game and Somerhalder eyes haunt me the way I imagine Seifers underlying evil haunts the heroes.

Sorceress Edea – Lucy Liu

Stoic and elegant the possessed Sorceress who unleashes the main protagonist is our heroes own foster mother. I needed evil delivered in a way that you feel that it’s the best for everyone, and after seeing Lucy Liu’s character in Kill Bill she really caught my eye.

I know I didn’t include all the side characters but that would be a ridiculous list, plus these are the stars, but if you think I did something wrong or you have a better casting then tell me about it by posting below.

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  1. My Fave FF as well, I think the story is better than all of them except maybe 10, I like the choices but isn’t Robin Williams as Cid a good choice as well.


    No way, 7 is the best there is a reason it tops all the charts. best characters and magic system ever. maybe you should cast 7 that would be cool to see.

  3. Sorry bro but I think 7 is overrated, I like all of them but the story in 8 was my favorite, I will cast 7 in a couple of months though, so continue reading for my next casting,

  4. How bout this? VII blows. There’s no effin story. After Aerith dies the story falls to shambles. Besides, the main villain is a thumb sucking mommas boy who needs an effin hug.

    VI has the best story, Kefka is the best villain. End of story.

    Let’s get cliche’d here, if EVERY-EFFIN-BODY jumped off a cliff, that makes it ok?

    Doom has spoke!

  5. I enjoyed your list, although, in my mind I had Lucy Liu cast as Xu, and Cate Blanchett as Edea. I was also thinking Matthew McConoughey as an older Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter as a gender swapped Dr. Odine.

  6. Wow, really good choices! But I do agree with Josh here, Lucy Liu would be better as Xu and Cate Blanchett would be incredible as Sorceress Edea *-*
    FFVIII is by far my favorite FF of all times! <3

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