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Out this week is Johnny Red #3 from Titan Comics. Written by Garth Ennis (Preacher) with art by Keith Burns (Ex-Con). Red tells the tale of a British pilot whom joined a Russian fighter squadron and became a legend within their ranks.

If you haven’t read the first two issues let me catch you up: a dot-com millionaire purchases an old war plane – a British Hurricane. The millionaire – a Mr. Iverson – is passionate about the plane and its history. He tracks down a retired Russian airman who it turns out was the lead mechanic for the squad that the plane served in. The airman begins to tell Mr. Iverson how the British pilot – a Johnny Redburn – came to be in the service of the Russian Air Defense Force.Johnny Red #3_Cover A_Alex Ronald

Issue three focuses on two aspects of the ongoing story: the squadron (known as the Falcons) has a new mission that will take them away from their current location and the female pilot squadron who manage the supply drops which Falcon Squadron runs cover for.

The Falcons are being sent off on a secret mission by high command and Red is being held back since he’s an outsider. The other members of squad leadership appeal to the commanding officer with less-than stellar results – nearly getting thrown in the brig themselves. In the end the Falcons take off leaving their vaunted leader behind.

A side-bar part of the story up until now, the female squad of pilots who do the supply runs to Stalingrad are now being asked to do so in daylight and with Falcon Squadron’s replacements (a group led by a drunk filled with fresh-out-of-flight-school newbies). What follows is a battle that has terrible results.

Johnny Red 3 - Air Battle

Johnny Red is a compelling comic that immediately caught my eye because of Garth Ennis and as you get into it the art by Keith Burns is outstanding. The attention to detail is outstanding and he is able to display so many layers of battle within a single panel that the reader, if paying attention, is receiving a mighty gift.

If you missed this from your pullbox this week pick it and the previous issues up at your local comic shop!

This is your Bin Fodder guru, Tim Blacksmith, signing off.

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