The Force Awakens Trailer

Last Friday the first official Star Wars teaser was released. It’s only a little over a minute and a half long and doesn’t show one-millionth of the things we want to see, but it does show some stuff.

The-Force-Awakens-bilde-2One thing it shows us, is what we can only assume is the new Sith. As a menecing voice slowly drolls out “There has been an awakening… The Darkside… and the Light…” we get the quick image of a cloaked figure trudging through a snowy wood before he pops a red blade, with two odd cross bars. Why cross bars? What could they do?

I have questions about this blade and it’s weirdly propane powered crossbar. What purpose do they serve? They wouldn’t protect your hand from sliding up and because they’re not flush with the blade I can’t imagine they protect your hand or the lightsaber itself from another blade sliding down. Do lightsabers slide down against each other? Most of the films show them kind of locked together but there are a few scenes in the prequels that may seem like they do. But in this case, and if the fact that it isn’t flush doesn’t effect the outcome, I still have qualms with the fact that lightsaber blades are deadly on all sides. In a traditional sword there is only one or two sharp sides to the blade and fighting style is dictated by the type of sword you have. With a lightsaber you could attack from any angle at anytime so the cross guards would only be viable during certain defenses. I don’t know. They could serve an entirely different purpose.

Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-Released-Date-in-PhilippinesToward the end of the trailer we hear the familiar John Williams score and are treated to an aerial display of the Millennium Falcon spiraling through the air in a dogfight with a couple of tie-fighters.  It was an impressive shot and almost brings vertigo even on a YouTube image from a phone. It was such a beautiful shot, and with the score, the excitement was really roaring by that point.

I liked the shot and even the odd Sith blade scene had me excited, but I still had concerns. I know some of these are just hangover concerns from the Disney buy-out and J.J. Abrams directing, but the camera work is very over the top. The aerial shot was great, but I don’t know how I feel about it in the Star Wars universe. 20-years from now when there have been a dozen new movies it won’t matter, but on the cusp of the new set of series, is it too much. The strobing lights with the sleek Stormtroopers in the transport came across very modern action. The revamp was great with Star Trek, but they also invented a parallel universe for it to be it’s own movie, separate from what was. These are a continuing story and some of these shots felt… different.

The-Force-Awakens-bilde-5Several scenes, from the opening trooper in the desert to the dogfight at the end, appear to take place on what we can only assume is Tattooine. Could our new hero be another from the suburbs of Mos Eisley? Is it this female we see speeding away on some sort of industrial sized speeder bike? There were no shots with familiar faces so maybe this girl will be the central character.

It was a well done trailer and it made me wish I could shave a year off my life and jump forward to the 2015 release. It left us with a lot of questions though. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters in December of next year.


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