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Last night the CW TV series, Supernatural, celebrated it’s 200th episode. As a long time fan of the show I was definitely tuned in for this musical celebration of an episode. It was called Fanfiction and if you’ve been a fan since the early days you may have caught a few familiar themes.

supernatural-200-episode-6In the ten-years Sam and Dean Winchester have been roaming the highways of North America, hunting things and saving people, they have come across a few “meta” situations. Like Vonnegut or Charlie Kaufman, the creators like to break 4th wall or write themselves into the show. This stretched those same barriers. The brothers go to investigate a case involving a disappearance at a school play. It turns out to be a Supernatural musical loosely based on the Carver Edlund books.

imageCarver Edlund was the pseudonym for author/prophet Chuck Shurley (Rob Benedict). Chuck was a big part of season 5 and his cameo during Fanfiction felt like insight into what the series has planned. In season 5 Chuck was the author of a series of books called, Supernatural, that paralleled the  events Sam and Dean were dealing with in real lifeDuring the season 5 finale, Swan Song, Chuck narrates the story.

The final scene depicts Chuck decked out in white, wrapping up his tale, then he literally fades away. Is he God? He returned for this special ep, so maybe there’s more.


What I really liked about the 200th episode was that it was fun, but it still had teasers toward the bigger story. I’ve said in previous posts that I loved the first 5 seasons but the last 5 seemed to lack a focus when it comes to the bigger story. During last nights episode the prophet, who may be God, Chuck returns. They alluded to the third Winchester brother, Adam, with a weird glance after someone mentioned him. These subtle things coming back from the past could mean that Chuck/prophet/God is going to get involved. They could mean that Sam and Dean are going to free Adam from Lucifer’s cage.

imageThe ep had the light hearted play similar to other episodes. The musical was a fun new idea and the glances given by the Winchesters at the idea of a Supernatural musical were brilliant. It was just a monster of the week episode, but hearing a teenage girl sing a song called “a single man tear” while dressed as Sam Winchester is priceless. The costumes, songs, and allusions to Sam, Dean, and Castiel having “subtext” made this one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series.  I watched it twice and I may watch it again because it was, quoting Dean, “awesome”.

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