Book Review – “… And death will seize the doctor too.” by Jeremiah Swanson


I love authors who decide to self publish. There are so many ideas and stories that people have that will never see the light of day because they don’t think a publisher would like them. That’s why I’m glad there are authors like Jeremiah Swanson out there. Let’s talk about his book “… And death will seize the doctor too.”


In this book we are introduced to Christian Thompson, a man with an extraordinary ability. Christian can absorb the life energy for one person and deposit that energy into another; giving the recipient the ability to heal their sickness or wounds. Christian, like any well written character, is torn between what he thinks is right and what those around him say must be done.


We meet up with Christian halfway through his own story after he has been using his powers to save people using the lives of death row inmates. After getting into trouble with the people who were supposed to be helping him, Christian finds himself making compromises and making decisions his morals would’ve never allowed till now.


Murder, love, death, life and betrayal; what more do you need from a story?  I really enjoyed this book.  I love that it would make me feel when Christian had to make a hard decision and a few of those decisions were truly a punch in the gut.  When a book makes you care for the main character enough that you feel some of the pain they are going through it is truly a magnificent thing.


If you are looking for new book to read and want something a little off the beaten path, check out “… And death will seize the doctor too.”  Its a great story with a main character that will keep you wondering if he deserves to be the good guy, or the bad.

“… And death will seize the doctor too.” was compliments of Jeremiah Swanson.

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