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The world of ORDINARY created by Rob Williams (Dark Avengers, Cla$$war, Low Life) and illustrated by D’Israeli is as rich visually as it is narratively. It has one of the most inventive powers I may have ever read in a comic, the power of being completely unextraordinary (or ordinary if you don’t like a lot of syllables in your words.

Screenshot_2014-06-21-12-02-55-1I hadn’t read the first one until this point but I’ll do a quick recap since I read both at once. Michael Fisher wakes from a lucid dream where he fails to control Scarjo from sleeping with him. It let’s us know he’s a loser right away. He can’t even imagine the hot girl hooking up with him even when he is in total control. Next we see he is in debt with some bad guys, a failure at his job as a plumber, and has a history as a failure as a father and husband. Then the world goes to hell for some reason, and every person on the planet gets powers. Everyone gets powers except our hero, Michael Fisher.

He then has to decide to try and be something he has never been, in a world where he is the weakest person alive, he has to become a responsible man. His son is trapped in Manhattan at school, phone lines are down and the world is so dangerous he can’t guarantee his ex is even still alive to go after their son. His son may have powers, his ex could have powers, but he has no way to know. It seems doomed before it even begins but this ordinary man has to make his way through the chaos. People are out of control and dying everywhere as the powerful clash with the more powerful… or the odd just explode for some reason.

Screenshot_2014-06-21-12-03-21-1He is still on his way to Manhattan at the start of the second issue. We find out the government is conflicted over how to handle this outbreak. Some, like the obviously morally corrupt and religiously delusional VP of the United States think this is a chance for America to finally wipe out its’ enemies. Others, like Dr. Tara McDonald from Scotland, see the looming threat of a world filled with super powers and needs to find the cure. The cure is obviously our protagonist who is fumbling from one frying pan to another while dancing through fires in-between.

In a lot of ways it reminds me of Heroes. When the show began there were so many off-the-beaten-path powers out there. A guy could paint the future and another guy just understood how things worked and for some reason that allowed him to get other heroes powers. It was crazy. Or it reminds me of MISFITS, again odd powers but it had the raunchy pubic lice and drunken debauchery I see in what Williams has created. All are fun. Ordinary has its’ share or weird powers (one kid has the Midas touch and another can make beers appear from no where).


As the second issue wraps up it appears that the Vice President may end up being the villain of the series and Michael Fisher is about to be eaten or maimed or destroyed by yet another new threat, because you can’t go ten feet with out running into a zombie or two headed thug in this world. It was very interesting and I am anxious to see how it plays out. If you are interested the first issue is already available from Titan and I do recommend it if you like creator owned and Indy material.



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