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Star Wars is a truly transcendent franchise having worked its way into nearly every facet of society from movies and television to t-shirts and bumper stickers.  You may know someone who claims to have never seen any of the movies – it may even be possible that they haven’t, but even THOSE people know what Star Wars is and could probably even identify Darth Vader and/or a host of other characters.


That’s what makes Star Wars Tales v.1 special.  It is a collection of writers/artists the majority of whom have never had and probably would never get an opportunity to write their own short story using characters, settings, topics from the Star Wars universe.

The shorts included in Tales v.1 range from the epic (such as the very first story written by Ron Marz which involves Darth Vader battling one of the last remaining Jedi who was recently found)

Star Wars Tales - Darth Vader Lightsaber Battle

To the semi-idiotic with the next story which is of Skippy the Robot Jedi, which is a tale of a self-aware astromech droid who was working in Jabba’s Palace until he uses mind control to escape.  The trick with this story is that Skippy is actually the droid that Luke’s Uncle Owen originally picks, but he has a vision of how important R2-D2 will be and self-destructs…like I said, pretty dumb.

Star Wars Tales - Skippy the Robot Jedi

Overall the stories are very interesting; we are even treated to a Timothy Zahn short.  The characters range from Mara Jade, who makes a couple appearances to the tale of how Lando Calrissian really became the overseer of Cloud City.  Sabaac is a fun game and Lando is very, very lucky at it.


It was nice that the stories were designed to either fill in gaps of information that wasn’t ESSENTIAL to the knowledgebase but were interesting to be known or were new pieces of information.  Dark Horse did a solid job of bringing together an eclectic group of writers and artists to bring Star Wars in a new way to a new audience.


The series is long-running and I recommend picking up Tales v.1 as a starting point but each volume is independent and not connected.  Star Wars Tales v.1 gets a A rating.

Star Wars Tales - Cover

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