Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss


Around the 1800s there was an art form known as “silhouettes”. These silhouettes were basically a profile shot of a subject in black against a white background. When I first received Olly Moss’ “Silhouettes from Popular Culture” I had one of those “what the heck is this” moments where I didn’t completely understand what I was looking at. After my mind adjusted to the pictures that were on the pages, however, it was promptly blown.

When you look at old silhouettes there isn’t any connection to anyone that you know so the art form tends to be lost on most people. If you look at a silhouette of Marty McFly on one page and another of Doc Brown on the opposing page, however, the true genius of the art becomes quite apparent. I was laughing out loud with enjoyment as I tried to identify each of the silhouettes that are in the pages of this small coffee table book. There are no page numbers and there are no names for any of the silhouettes, but I think that this adds to the simplicity and even the uniqueness of the book. Also, most of the fun is trying to figure out who each of the silhouettes belongs to.

Here are some photos from the book:



As you can see the are pages for geeks of all walks of life. The book quality is fantastic with it’s cloth binding and gold labeling. Silhouettes from Poplar Culture by Olly Moss is a great coffee table book as well as a great addition to any geek’s library.

Silhouettes from Popular Culture was compliments of Titan Books.

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