Geek TV: Dexter Season 7 Premier

WARNING: Spoilers!

Dexter Season 7 Trailer-09_FULLDexter says hello with a fire, a couple of murders and unpleasant foreshadowing. We had to open with some tragedy –always, right?—and some reminders of who was creepy and who was not last season, but over all the 50-something minutes of Dexter put the season on a good track.

When we ended season 6, many of us Dexter fans were excited to see Deb walk in on her brother plunging a knife into Travis’ heart. He was one of the more mentally unstable Dexter villains we’ve had so far. This season opens up where six left off, with the brother and sister awkwardly conversing about why Travis is on a table with a lot of plastic and a set of immaculate hunting knives next to him. Deb tries to process what is going on and Dex gives her some half-hearted story of how he snapped and was only defending himself, but because he’s a forensics guy it was only natural to make a spotless crime scene after he accidently killed Travis. In the end, fire is what covers everything up. And in true Dexter fashion, they 99% get away with it. Dexter-Season-7-600x366

You know what? Deb buys that this is a one time thing with Dexter until she starts thinking about her time on Rudy/Brian’s slab. As he manipulates the entire forensics team into believing the fire story, you can tell she’s finding it strange that this is coming so natural to him.  Then she looks into old Ice Truck Killer evidence and everything starts to come together as she unravels realizing what her brother might be doing in his spare time. LaGuerta opens up a can of worms with a broken blood slide she finds. I get this feeling she’s going into bad guy territory this season when it comes to Dexter and his secret.

screencaps37Weird forensics guy Louis, dating Batista’s hot younger sister, is back. While he wasn’t prominently featured in this episode, he did mess with Dexter’s unprotected computer and gained access to some accounts and numbers. Last seen he was deleting some kind of credit line, or so it looked. His story is expanding this season, but right now he’s on my naughty list, and so is Dexter. Of all people, why isn’t his computer password protected? At least then he could be suspicious of how Louis got into his computer. This particular point in the episode felt a little out of place.

The last main point of the episode is an overall arc with a Russian mob syndicate flooding Miami with Russian strippers and mob men. In the beginning it looked like the writers were trying to make it look like a one time thing, but by the end of the episode it was evident that Dexter taking care of one of their guys only made things worse for everyone. While it’s not going to be the only story line this season, it is definitely Miami Metro’s baby.

dexter-season-7-debThe episode ends with Dexter going home, after a long day of worrying and killing and cleaning, only to see Deb has ransacked his apartment. As she sits among a mountain of his most personal belongings – slides, knives, killing clothes, mannequin arm, photographs– he finally has to admit the one thing to Deb that his father said to hide from her forever.

“Are you…?” She asks, already knowing the answer.

Finally, he gets to say it. “Yes.”

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