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It’s Sunday September 30th and time for another Geekend Review. Big week for TV, Dexter, Homeland, Elementary, and ABC’s Once Upon A Time premiered this week. The iPhone continues to have problems with it’s launch. And the new sci fi thriller Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt shocked people by actually being good. Let’s get started.

The iPhone 5 launched last week with record setting numbers. A new fifth row of icons and a slimmer lighter case and speeds finally equivalent to what other providers have been giving their customers for some time. So things have been good for the most part, but the running gag mentioned on everything has been it’s maps debacle.  Dropping the hugely successful Google Maps that all it’s previous models and everyone else on the planet is using Apple has decided to launch it’s own mapping program which it built from the ground up. They need to keep building because it’s a mess. Ridiculous landmark placements and inaccurate GPS locating have rendered it practically useless. So join us in mocking it.

Beginning tonight Dexter kicked off it’s seventh season (see our review). It is sure to be a whacky ride. When we last saw the Bay Harbor Butcher he was elbows deep in Tom Hank’s son’s blood, plunging a knife into his heart while his sister watched. She was on her way to confess her secret love for her brother. Nutty, where can it go from here?

Also premiering this week have been Showtimes hit series Homeland which I fully intend to get into. Can’t say much about it at this point but all I hear is good things. The Sherlock Holmes set in modern day series called Elementary began and though it doesn’t have the same charm that BBC’s Sherlock has with crazy Mr. Cumberbatch they are definately doing something right. Ol’ Mr. Holmes is a crazed drug addict who solves crimes to pass the time and is “handled” by the female Watson, played by Lucy Lui. Good stuff.

ABC’s hit series about fairy tales Once Upon A Time premiered tonight. I have to admit I didn’t watch this show last season. I caught a few episodes on Netflix and the wrap up this evening but it actually has a really well developed story. Still… odd and it is about fairy tales, but it has something going for it even if it does have to stretch on occassion to work in Mulan or Sleeping Beauty.

I almost reviewed The Neighbors last week. The new Terry Hatcher comedy about a family that moves from the city to the suburbs to discover their neighbors are aliens. It’s actually worse than it sounds and I didn’t have the heart to sit and vomit out a review about how awful it is. It has it’s second ep tonight and I doubt it will have many more. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea, but it sucks.

Of course, there’s Doctor Who news this week as we say goodbye to Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan. The Ponds/Williams had their final episode on BBCAmerica yesterday (see our review) and made way for the new companion to premier this Christmas. It was a touching episode and made me care about the Ponds a little more. I have not been a huge Pond fan so to make me miss them a bit is saying something.

I have not seen Looper yet so I can’t (read our review). But I hear nothing but good things. Rotton Tomatoes gives it remarkable 93%  which is incredibly impressive for a science fiction flick. Audiences only give it a 91%, which is still amazing. It only grossed 21,000,000$ so far which isn’t much more than I make in a dozen lifetimes but is sadly a little low for an opening weekend. Exceeds expectations though, so maybe the weight of it’s reviews will carry it further. I’ll check it out then see if I agree with our writers. I suggest you do too.


Well, that has really been all the biggest and bestest news from the week. I could show you the video of the car chase guy who killed himself, but I’m not Fox News. So we’ll just have to imagine it and wait anxiously for next weekend for another Geekend Review. As always feel free to disagree with me below or directly on twitter @werewolforigin. Until next week. The End.



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