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Last night AMC premiered the third season of the hit television series, The Walking Dead. Based on the widely successful comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated in black and white (with grey tones), published by Image comics has been on a near ten year run. When we last left Rick and the gang Rick had recently killed his best friend Shane and the safe haven that was Hershel’s farm was over run by a herd. Andrea was separated from the group consequently discovered by the fan favorite character Michonne. The final scene was the gang on the road in site of a prison and Rick declaring his rule over the group. No more votes, no more democracy, the reign of Rick begins.

Tonight’s episode was good, but that’s all I’m going to give it. It wasn’t over run with exciting scenes and until the final few minutes I can’t even say anything real interesting was even happening. They are on the run, circling the same areas over and over as a Herd continues to close in on them. They can’t seem to find a place to rest for more than a few minutes before zombies begin to pour into the camp. The wear is really evident on the group. Laurie is super pregnant and ready to pop, Carl is a tiny gorilla warrior, and Rick is a real D-bag. It’s been months and the group hasn’t made it far. Then they find the prison.

We did get to see some pretty gruesome zombie action, including riot gear clad zombies where one gets his face and scalp ripped off. Everyone has grown harder and tougher, even Maggie is in the heat of things taking out the undead with impressive skill. The face rip scene was seriously hard core, it had me wondering how they even get away with airing such graphic scenes. But even with some grotesque death and one intense hit to the actual group near the end the episode was far from the epic we had been waiting all year for.

Don’t mistake me, it was a good episode. As a fan of the comic as well I can tell you, we are at the cusp of some of the most intense pieces of story telling in history. Like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy on FX, The Walking Dead has been a series that has never been afraid to put its’ characters through the ringer. It chews them up, and ***** them hard. If they stay true to the comic then no character is safe. Some of the clips from upcoming episodes have some series shake ups in store. The return of Merril, the introduction of the Governor, and what would appear to be a war. I am super excited even if the first episode was only just good.

All in all the show rocks and I know it will continue to rock hard so keep watching. First episode of the season gets a solid B+ and expectations are high for the future. New characters are here, and lives are on the line immediately. So bring it on AMC, I’m ready.


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