Geek Book Review: Swirlies (a Lenore Comic) By Roman Dirge


I’d there is one type of story I love, it’s the stories in which a character leads a very strange life and yet sees normal people as the strange ones. Some of these stories are greats like The Adams Family, The Munsters, and Lenore the Little Dead Girl.

Lenore is a little girl who died some time ago and lives her strange undead life with the help of her undead companions; a rag doll named Ragamuffin and a shape shifting creature called Pooty. While never saving the world or other peoples lives (usually quite the opposite), Lenore and her friends spend their days doing what every undead group of friends does, trying to beat boredom.

Here is a page from Lenore: Swirlies so that you can see the art that Roman Dirge creates to go along with his characters:



I truly can’t say enough good about the charActer of Lenore. From her desire to be a part of real peoples lives to her confusion regarding the difference between a valentines day CARD and a valentines day NARD, she keeps me laughing out loud every time I finish a page. The art is just right for the story and seems to help the comedy even more with small fuzzy creatures morphing into hideous beats and Lenore herself draw as a relatively cute child.

Lenore: Swirlies is the fourth in a series of four Lenore books being released by Roman Dirge and Titan Publishing. The quality of the printing itself is superb and looks right at home next to any comic trade book. If you enjoy the out of the ordinary, the slightly brutal and the beautifully cynical then Lenore is your girl.  I, personally cannot wait to get my hands on the other three books in this series: Noogies, Cooties, and Wedgies.

Pickup Swirlies and its companion books here.

Lenore: Swirlies was compliments of Titan Books.

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