Geek Book Review: Dinosaur Art


As a kid and even now as an adult the size and monstrosity of dinosaurs fascinates me.  I remember looking at drawn pictures of them and other paleolithic creatures when I was in school.  This, however, is not like any book I read in school.

If you are interested in dinosaurs, love pictures of dinosaurs, or can just appreciate a great book filled with amazing art, then “Dinosaur Art” belongs on your bookshelf.  Here are some of the pictures that are in the book itself:

With over 180 pages of dinosaur art and excerpts about the creatures themselves this would make not only a fine learning tool, but also a great addition to any dinosaur lovers library.  The quality of the printing is top notch with the pages being glossy yet sharp and the hard cover having it’s own art under the dust cover.  If you like dinosaurs or know someone who does, head to you local book store and pickup “Dinosaur Art” today.


You can buy “Dinosaur Art” here at

“Dinosaur Art” was compliments of Titan Books.

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