Geek TV Review- Doctor Who season 7 premiere

Warning: I’m going to discuss the plot. There are going to be many spoilers. So watch the episode, then read this.

If you are anything like me, you have been waiting for tonight for a long time. Steven Moffat and crew left us longing for Who and guessing at premiere dates for too long. Tonight we finally got our fix with Asylum of the Daleks. And it was a brilliant way to bring in the new season. We haven’t seen the Daleks since the Pandorica was opened. Tonight, however, we saw them in abundance. The episode begins with The Doctor being captured by them! Amy and Rory are captured by the Daleks as well, just after they finally get their divorce papers signed.


The Daleks seem to have taken a note from the Cybermen because these Daleks are converting humans, even dead humans. One of my favorite moments was watching The Doctor bust his way through, kicking aside human-Dalek zombies. Not to mention that later The Doctor blows them up! ┬áThe Doctor tears down Daleks while Rory tries to rebuild them. It warmed my heart watching Rory try to put a murderous Dalek back together because he mistakenly thought it was saying, “Eggs.”

And, there’s more big news! We were also introduced to The Doctor’s next companion, the absolutely adorable Jenna Louise-Coleman. We all know how tricky it is to work in the new companion because, let’s not lie, we hate them all at first. They introduced Amy in such a clever way because we met her as child. How can we hate a child? Well, this time Steven Moffat got even more clever because he made this companion a Dalek. How can we hate a Dalek? Wait…we do hate Daleks! But this isn’t just any Dalek. This is a sexy genius human-Dalek. Her name is Oswin and the poor girl doesn’t even know she’s a Dalek. But, she is extremely aware of the fact that she’s a genius. Who else is extremely aware of their own genius? Oh right, The Doctor. I’m really excited to see how that’s going to play out between the two of them. It’s always fun when you feel like The Doctor has met his match. But hold on, Oswin blows up at the end to save The Doctor, risking her life to save The Doctor, just like a true companion.

Just like every season premiere of Doctor Who, Asylum of the Daleks left us with more questions than answers. Like, how will Jenna Louise-Coleman come back? She is supposed to make her debut as the official companion in this year’s Christmas episode. Is The Doctor’s new companion going to be a Dalek?! Or is this going to be River Song thing where we meet her on her last day? There are so many questions, but the Daleks are left asking the most important question of all, “Doctor who?”



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  1. If she does end up traveling with the doctor as a dalek, I think it would be interesting to see a previous companion react to that. Martha Jones escaped the doctor relatively unscathed.

  2. I loved the episode. I can see the Doctor going into Oswins life and taking her before she goes on the Alaska, she wanted to see the universe after all. She made an impression on him, he is grateful for what she has done, but he can’t tell her or stop her from becoming a Dalek or all she did will be undone. Time travel!

  3. Yeah, I think her time traveling with The Doctor will take place before she becomes a Dalek. While I would love to see The Doctor traveling with a Dalek, that’s just too ridiculous, even for this show.

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