iOS App-Aholics Anonymous: [Bastion]

App Name: Bastion
Developer: Supergiant Games LLC
Publisher: Warner Bros
iOS Launch Date: 8/30/12
Price: $4.99
App-Aholic Rating: 5+/5
Watch it Here: Official Game Trailer


It’s games like this that truly encourage me to adore my job here at 8DAG. If you haven’t heard already, the critically-acclaimed Bastion, ported from XBox and reworked for the iPad, is absolutely awesome!

You play as the nameless character, which the narrator respectfully refers to as “Kid.” In a nutshell, Kid wakes to find his world destroyed by unknown forces. Now it’s up to him and the narrator, affectionately called “Stranger,” to restore the world to its original stature. But you could read all about this in iTunes’ app description. Let’s get down to the good stuff.


Some Perks: And this is being extremely brief, but here it is: Right from the start, you will notice the award-winning gameplay, which is only enhanced by a jiving narrator with a smooth swagger and a mild sense of humor. Beside the virtually glitchless interface is a storyline that was written with a very natural, well-thought quality, an aspect that iOS-AAA usually doesn’t address. Bastion, however, deserves loads of credit for combining its immersing plot with a beautiful layout to pull off one of the most magnificent gaming experiences I’ve ever had on an iOS device.

The Bad: With a pros list like the one above, what kind of negative things could I possibly come up with. I searched long and hard, but the worst thing I found about Bastion is the fact that it’s currently only offered on iPad. This little oversight will surely deter many iOS gamers from purchasing the app, as not everyone will own an iPad. However, I must admit that the iPad screen-space seems like it would be a better visual choice than using the smaller iPhone or iTouch.


App-Aholic Rating: 5+; That’s right, iOS-AAA’s first ever “plus” rating? Why? Because some real effort went into this one! Flawless is the only real way to describe this gem.

Bottom Line: Do you even have to ask? Just spend the $5 (this game is more than worth it) and get to playing already! Until then, you’re just missing out.


Sound Off: Now, folks, it’s your turn! Do you have any thoughts, opinions, or general comments about Bastion and/or its developers, Supergiant Games LLC and Warner Bros? I personally reply to every comment, and I’d love to hear what you have to say! Just take your cranial debris and throw it down in the box below!

“A lotta things need fixin’ in this world, and we can start right here.” –Stranger–

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