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In some ways better than others it was a pretty eventful week in the Geek World. Sadly the Dark Knight Rises brought the eyes of everyone to a fine focus with a tragedy in Colorado. The Dark Knight Rises did premier this week though with some lackluster reviews and surrounded by tragedy.  As a result of the horrific incident in Aurora, Colorado Warner Bros. has announced that they will be withholding the official box office numbers from The Dark Knight. As a result of the skewed results most sites seem to be holding off as well with any projections, seeing as how they couldn’t be considered accurate.

Out of respect for the whole scene and the simple fact that it was the biggest event of last week I’m going to hold off on any further review this week. We’ve covered the incident, it was tragic and I’m not going to rehash the details. Next week we can start this world spinning again. Maybe take this time to check out our actual coverage of it, or read the Dark Knight Rises review (we have two). In local flavor I also reported on a local Con from Tulsa and there are new app-aholics (one talks about Dark Knight Rises gameloft style).

Until next week, feel free to email us news ideas or content you’d like to talk about. or follow us @8daysageek or @werewolforigin . Until then let’s reflect on how awesome it is to be a geek today and go watch Newsroom or some anime’.

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