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A rather light week in geek news I’m afraid. FX premiered the third season of the award winning comedy Louie starring stand-up comedian Louis C.K.. Here at 8DAG we brought on a few new voices for the choir. Skyrim gets a little pick me up with new DLC, Nintendo announced some news for the 3DSXL (see article for more), and The Avenger’s blu-ray release date has been announced (Sept 25th). Ted beat the Hangover for foul mouthed humor and Google premiers there super specs, but unless your a super tech junkie that was about the biggest news for the week.

Ted breaks box office records, beating the Hangover’s record for highest opening for an R-rated movie, with 54 mill and some change (see review). Seth McFarlane knows how to make images from our childhood twisted and perverted like no other. He’s been rotting cartoons from the inside for over ten years and now he turns the lovable Teddy Bear into a horrific filth monger you wouldn’t let your children anywhere near. Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike came in a distant second with 39 million. Not surprising it did this with an average audience of, estimated at 70%, females. The Pixar hit Brave wrapped up the top 3 with a strong 34 million (see review).

The juggernaut that is Elder Scroll V: Skyrim released it’s first DLC expansion Tuesday. Skyrim has been tearing the gaming world, forcing people to log dozens and in some cases hundreds of hours in pursuit of that never ending goal of leveling up and hardcore questing. Fans have been waiting for this since since Bethesda’s open-roam RPG released in Nov. and the day finally came. The expansion is called “Dawnguard” and features an emphasis on the roles of Vampire and Vampire hunter. There are a few key details that are “must know” involving game play, so I suggest reading up before delving in. Or just delve in, who cares really? Caution is for… some people.

If you love the calm-like-bomb comedian Louis C. K. then you are probably already familiar with his Emmy nominated TV series, Louie. The show mirrors the comedian’s own life in most aspects. He plays stand up comedian Louis C. K. and the show deals with his odd life filled with depressing situations shot in a 70’s tone that isn’t always funny. It’s funny, but not always. It’s odd and off putting at times, and laugh out loud hilarious at other times. This is a crazy stir of comedy and drama mashed up in style that echoes the same seedy stand-up clubs C.K. seems to be most fond of performing in. He heads down to a cellar to perform on a whim one evening to cheer himself up and drives off into the night, with a friend who’s about to kill himself, to perform at another shady joint in a different episode. It began its third season Thursday night, and it is worth a watch.

Google released teasers for their new google goggles set to release in 2013. The specs are expected to cost around 1,500$ for this chance to bring augmented reality to the forefront of your life. It doesn’t get anymore forefront than your actual face. Throw on a pair of these glasses and have all the interface of your smartphone broadcast as digital cues and holographic images as you make your way through life. Follow directions from a map that is laid out in your peripheral vision, while texting a friend with voice interaction. His text appears across your field of vision, before fading out so you can receive a Skype call from your gf. All of this is played out and interfaced hands-free (you’re drinking coffee with two hands while these things go on). Will this change the future of interacting with the world, or cause you to stumble into on coming traffic? I only hope Googles self driving mobile makes its way onto the road soon after these specs and rises in popularity at a greater rate.

In other news, The Avengers release on blu-ray has been announced. As mention in the start of all this, it is Sept. 25th. Also, if you haven’t read Jay Draeger’s very informative piece on the 3DS XL, stop here and go do so (we’re almost done you can really finish reading). But the most exciting news to hit the Geek community since the invention of the game machine or the fantasy novel has to be the new group of sub pop enthusiasts to join the merry cast here at 8DAG. Kelsey, Jay, Ross, Georgi, and Carly have decided to explore 8daysageek and lend their creative talents to the mix. Welcome them to the fold. “So Say We All” .

If you feel we have missed a crucial piece of geek news feel free to comment below or follow us @8daysageek. You can also contact me directly @werewolforigin or via email. Otherwise, that is it for Geek news. See you next week. Same geek time, same geek channel.


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